Georgie Escapes Death In IT Alternate Opening Scene


When IT was originally announced to receive a silver screen adaptation, we’re sure that despite any excitement shared by fans of Stephen King’s original novel and the television miniseries, none of us could’ve predicted what a box office juggernaut it’d become. Seriously, the dough that it raked in was pretty much unheard of for horror movies, a feat normally reserved for summertime blockbusters and action flicks.

So, now that the home video release is imminent, we’ve seen more details trickle online as to what the bonus content will entail. And, believe us, we’re all in for a treat if the latest video to surface is any indication of what awaits us on Blu-ray.

As you know, it was the “killmouth” scene that set the tone for the entire pic, letting us know that Pennywise wasn’t simply some clown squatting in the sewer system. But, in this outtake titled “Georgie Escapes Death,” we see the young lad easily retrieve his boat from the film’s antagonist – and he kept his arm to boot.

Obviously, this was a professionally shot and edited blooper, with Pennywise himself expressing his displeasure for failing to find one more kid to float down there. But had Georgie not met his end, we wouldn’t have had a movie to watch, for this would’ve been equivalent to Neo taking the blue pill in The Matrix.

IT is slated to arrive on Blu-ray and DVD on January 9, and if you haven’t done so yet, you can pre-order it off Amazon here.