Gerard Butler Suing Over Unpaid Olympus Has Fallen Royalties

Gerard Butler

Since Scarlett Johansson sued Disney for breach of contract over Black Widow getting a Premier Access hybrid release, Hollywood must be sh*tting itself. Rumors are already circulating that Cruella star Emma Stone is considering similar action, with several names attached to recent Warner Bros. releases also speculated to follow suit.

Gerard Butler has become the latest to make a move, launching a legal claim against the various production companies involved in Olympus Has Fallen, even though the actor’s first outing as Mike Banning hit theaters eight years ago. The leading man, who also served as producer, believes he’s owed up to $10 million in unpaid royalties after the ‘Die Hard in the White House’ actioner earned $170 million at the box office.

Angel Has Fallen

The suit launched against Nu Image, Millennium Media and Padre Nuestro Productions offers that Butler’s contract entitled him to 10% of the net profits, 6% of the domestic gross once it exceeded $70 million and 12% once overseas takings hit $35 million, with his own company due 5% on net profits on top of his talent deal.

The success of Olympus has Fallen went on to launch a money-spinning franchise for all parties, with the success of sequels London and Angel bringing the total box office of Banning’s adventures past half a billion dollars globally, with fourth installment Night Has Fallen being officially announced late last year. As the star, producer and main selling point of the entire operation, Butler has been integral to the series since the very beginning, but the fact he’s only filing a lawsuit for the opener would indicate he’s been fairy compensated for the follow ups, unless of course that’s coming at some point further down the line.