Ghostbusters: Afterlife Theory Says Paul Rudd Could Be The Keymaster

ghostbusters afterlife

Even though we’re less than three weeks away from the long-awaited sequel coming to theaters, we don’t know much about the plot of Ghostbusters: Afterlife in any great detail other than the broadest strokes.

However, one rumor hinted that a well-known actress could be set for a cameo appearance as Gozer, which would tie the hybrid of sequel and reboot directly to the 1984 original. The recently-revealed international trailer also showed the Terror Dogs and the Temple of Gozer, so it looks as though things could be coming full circle in Afterlife.

Rick Moranis is one of the few legacy players that won’t be returning for the film, but a new theory from MovieWeb puts forward the notion that Paul Rudd’s Mr. Grooberson could end up replacing him as the Keymaster, and the latest promo did show Carrie Coon’s Callie wearing a glittery dress very reminiscent of the one sported by Sigourney Weaver’s Dana Barrett in Ghostbusters.

Running with that logic; if Callie is the Gatekeeper, then she’ll also need a Keymaster to complete the ritual. An earlier clip showed Rudd encountering a Terror Dog, and Ivan Reitman’s classic established that they only follow one person each, namely the Gatekeeper and the Keymaster.

That seems a little too similar to the first film in some narrative respects, but we’ve got faith that Ghostbusters: Afterlife will deliver the third installment fans have been clamoring for, whether it involves the Keymaster or not.