Ghostface has a dire warning for Jenna Ortega fans ahead of ‘Scream VI’

Jenna Ortega Ghostface Scream
Image via Paramount Pictures

With less than two months left to go until Scream VI slashes its way into worldwide theaters, the movie’s flawless and risk-taking marketing campaign is now in full effect. The latest undertaking from the movie’s promotional team appears to have all eyes set on star Jenna Ortega — because whenever she goes and whatever she wears, bloodthirsty horror villain Ghostface is right there to send her a warning. One of the first instances of this happened during the 2023 Golden Globes last night, but Ghostface apparently isn’t done.

During the ceremony last night, Ghostface made their ominous presence felt via the official Scream Twitter account, insisting that Ortega’s days were numbered. Ghostface instructed fans to “enjoy it while it lasts” in reference to Ortega’s character Tara narrowly escaping the villain’s wrath in Scream (2022). You can check out the post for yourself down below:

And with a threat this terrifying, it hardly comes as a surprise that the masses of Ortega stans flocked to the comments to defend one of the best final girls in modern-day horror history. After all, Ortega has certainly made a name for herself in the horror genre — especially in Netflix’s ever-popular supernatural mega hit, Wednesday.

Get a job, Ghostface!

Ghostface might have started a war with the wrong fanbase.

With a marketing campaign this lively, the rivalry between Tara and Ghostface is only going to continue to engage fans everywhere — especially as the clock winds down on the two characters meeting face-to-face for another brawl. However, it will certainly be interesting to see if Tara can finally defeat Ghostface. Or could it be goodbye to Jenna Ortega in the Scream franchise for good?

All questions will be answered when Scream VI slashes into theaters on March 10.