Ghostface wreaks havoc in New York City in new ‘Scream VI’ images

Original 'Scream' writer praises the film as 'fresh reinvention' of the series
Image via Paramount

Ghostface is back, and he’s ready for blood in a series of new images from the upcoming thriller Scream VI. While some of Woodsboro’s finest travel to New York City for a fresh start, they’re sure they’re escaping a haunting past; what they couldn’t have guessed or, rather — would rather not have had to imagine, is that the terror they were trying to escape would follow them anywhere.

Entertainment Weekly released a new feature ahead of Scream VI, and in addition to a stab-tastic Ghostface image and a series of snaps with the Woodsboro crew, as they fear for their lives, we’ve also got a peek at a fan-favorite’s resurgence in the Scream realm. Kirby is back, she’s looking great, and she’s ready for vengeance.

If the survivors of Ghostface’s wrath thought escaping him in Woodsboro was hard, they underestimated trying to survive their rage in a city filled with people. As the logline shares, “In a city of millions, no one hears you scream.” It looks like the anonymity they hoped for in a bustling metropolis will powerfully work against them.

While it’ll be nearly impossible to take a stand against Ghostface, one thing they’ve got working for them is their power in numbers. Mindy, Chad, Tara, and Sam have been bonded over some of the most traumatic and painful circumstances, and Ghostface has their work cut out for them this go around.

Courteney Cox, who will reprise her role as Gale Weathers, shared a quote with EW on what it means to bring a masked maniac to New York City to continue their bloody rampage.

“Bringing Ghostface to New York adds an entirely new element to the story. Taking the character out of a small town and putting them in the heart of the city that never sleeps is more terrifying than ever.”

The city never sleeps, and it looks like Ghostface’s prey will have difficulty finding any shuteye or peace when Scream VI rolls around. The full-length trailer for the film debuts tomorrow, and Ghostface stabs their way into theaters again on March 10; happy haunting!