New G.I. Joe Spinoff In Development, Will Follow Snake Eyes Movie

GI-Joe-Retaliation-Roadblock-and-Snake-Eyes (1)

The G.I. Joe film series has been in stasis since the release of G.I. Joe: Retaliation back in 2013, but that stasis will soon come to an end. A new G.I. movie is set to release this October, an origins feature dubbed Snake Eyes, and according to The Hollywood Reporter, production tag team Paramount and Hasbro are already developing a follow-up.

Described as an “expansion” rather than a direct sequel to Snake Eyes, details are still scarce, but the film will likely serve to open up a G.I. Joe extended universe. Going by the description given, that is.

Paramount and Hasbro are no strangers to each other, of course. The former developed the multi-billion dollar Transformers film franchise, introducing a whole new generation of kids to the toys/characters (me included). With Michael Bay’s series of increasingly depressing sequels finished, and no further spinoffs coming in the immediate future, it makes sense that Paramount would throw weight behind a new vehicle. Should Snake Eyes be successful, one can expect to see this reported follow-up and more like it on the way.

Would you be excited to see a G.I. Joe film universe, though? Leave a comment below with your thoughts on that idea. I myself am not familiar with the franchise. All I recall is Christopher Eccleston describing how much he hated the experience of doing G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra (that’s Chris’ view, not an indictment of the movie). One imagines he won’t be returning for future films.

Meanwhile, you can catch Snake Eyes in theaters on October 23rd. Assuming it doesn’t get postponed due to the pandemic, which on current outlook is a big assumption to make. Man, I hate to leave you on a downer. Think about the future where movies don’t get delayed. There you go.