Gina Carano Supports In-N-Out’s Refusal To Follow Public Health Laws

Gina Carano‘s one-woman crusade to spread COVID continued unabated yesterday when, hot on the heels of sharing yet another boomer anti-vax meme, she expressed her support for In-N-Out burger allowing unvaccinated people into their restaurants.

For those not keeping up, eateries in San Francisco, New York, and New Orleans are legally required to make customers show proof of vaccination before dining indoors. In-N-Out’s San Francisco restaurant on Fisherman’s Wharf has refused to comply and so was closed by the San Francisco Department of Public Health yesterday.

In-N-Out’s official response was retweeted by Carano and indicates that they refuse to take responsibility for the health of their customers, claiming that they’re being forced to “become the vaccination police”. This position isn’t particularly surprising given the chain’s conservative Christian owners, who ensure that John 3:16 is printed on many of their cups and wrappers, and have made sizeable donations to Donald Trump and the GOP since 2016.

Those directly affected by this are their workers, who’ve just been shown that management has little interest in protecting them from COVID-positive customers. Also, as they’re presumably not getting paid while the restaurant is shut down, they’ll likely be looking for another job to make ends meet.

I don’t know about you, but I’m completely sick of COVID and having to put up with various restrictions on day-to-day life. But, unlike the anti-vax chumps, it’s obvious that the best way to do this is to get as many people vaccinated as possible to reduce virus spread and the chance of new mutations that might overcome the vaccine.

Rules like this when you just want a burger are inconvenient and annoying, but I’d rather put up with them now than have to live with this virus for years and years. But, sadly, culture warriors like In-N-Out and Gina Carano can’t see the bigger picture, and it’s their brand of idiocy that’s going to drag this thing out, result in more frustrating rules, and needlessly kill thousands of people.