Gina Carano’s First Movie After Disney Firing Has Been Cancelled

Gina Carano getting fired by Disney was inevitable. The last straw for the Mouse House was her sharing a post comparing being Republican to being Jewish during the Holocaust. The consequences were swift. Disney described her post as “abhorrent and unacceptable” and dropped her from The Mandalorian like a hot rock. Her agents followed suit and Hasbro even ended production of the Cara Dune action figure.

This would have likely happened by now anyway, as Disney now requires anyone working on its productions to be vaccinated against COVID-19, and Carano spends most of her days posting anti-vax memes on Twitter. But the one ray of light for her was The Daily Wire’s offer of work on movies designed to fight “leftist causes.”

The first of these was to be White Knuckle, a revenge thriller about truckers. Announced with some fanfare in August, Carano said she was “completely ignited” for the role and that the movie made her feel “as if I have wings.” Well, those wings have now been clipped as The Daily Wire has canceled the movie.

The decision appears to be linked to Carano’s anti-vax beliefs, with their statement hinting that they’re struggling to square shooting a movie with the looming federal vaccine mandates. They said:

“With the precariousness of the current Hollywood landscape and the remarkable overreach by its ruling class, we made the tough, but prudent choice to ride further out into the wild west to make movies on our own terms.”

It seems they’re pressing ahead with Terror on the Prairie, a Western in which Carano will play a pioneer fighting against a group of outlaws. It’ll be made exclusively available on the Daily Wire website and is planned for release as soon as early 2022.

The Daily Wire may get a more realistic Wild West experience than they bargained for if they press on with plans to make movies with an unvaccinated cast and crew. After all, pioneers and settlers were frequently killed off by cholera, typhoid, and tuberculosis outbreaks, so the actors hacking up their lungs out as they try to film a Western might just add that crucial touch of realism to Gina Carano‘s next movie.

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  1. Bartholomewsays:

    Hey, your bias is showing. Just remember, 99% survival rate…

    1. Mustafasays:

      99% survival rate isn’t high enough! This is worse than the bubonic plague! Oh bleeding hearted LIBERAL!

      1. 99% survival rate means that 77 million people will die…

        That’s technically 3 times the number of people who died of the bubonic plague.

        Also you are a neo-liberal. It’s weird how the right don’t seem to know what liberal actually means

      2. JayArnoldsays:

        Huh is assuming a 100% contraction rate. The vast majority is in favor of being vaxed. Even with vaccinations people are still being cautious. We don’t need to force vaccinations on everyone.

      3. Wesley Gibsonsays:

        Remember folks – these are the people who wanted to ban Muslims from entering the country after less than 0.00001% of the population died from Islam-related terror attacks.

        Because, you know – freedom.

    2. Knowsmathsays:

      99% or even 99.9% survival right is AWFUL for a disease. 1 out of 1000 people is an unacceptable loss. We’ve already, in 18 months lost more people than every war pit together in America. 1% is a huge number when we are talking about death

      1. Wesley Gibsonsays:

        They’re conservatives. They don’t understand how math works. All they understand is that 1% is a “low number”. They don’t understand that 1% can mean millions and millions of people dead (and millions more hospitalized or left with long-term complications) if enough people get infected.



        If only we can have 100% survival rate of cancer, heart attacks, vehicular accidents.

      3. Mikesays:

        Heart disease kills more let’s get rig of all junk good and anything else that may harm us

      4. Namey McNamefacesays:

        You DO realize that “heart disease” is a general term for close to a hundred different diseases that affect the heart, right? Your statistics are kind of meaningless when you’re arbitrarily grouping things together to inflate the numbers.

    3. Notmynamebutyourssays:

      It’s higher than 99% I thought the ‘fake death numbers’ was a conspiracy theory. It isn’t. Uncle had stage 4 cancer last December, he also tested positive for COVID, he recovered. Went into end-of-life care in August of this year. Tested negative for COVID. His death was listed as a Sars-CoV-2 complications death. So there’s that, the death numbers are 100% inaccurate.

    4. Namey McNamefacesays:

      Hey, your dumbass is showing. 99% of the people currently dying from COVID right now are unvaccinated. 95% of the people currently in an ICU bed with COVID are unvaccinated.

      Seriously, how many stories do you need to read about idiots dying from this virus shortly after they say something stupidly ironic on social media before you realize that you’re nowhere as smart as you think you are.

  2. Backcountry164says:

    Unvaccinated cast and crew?? What makes you think they’d all be unvaccinated?? Conservatives aren’t anti-vax, they’re anti-mandate. Are you really to dumb to understand the difference or just a habitual liar??

    1. Obelovsays:

      They are really that dumb. Lol.
      It comes with the liberal mental illness.
      Total lack of understanding of anything related to common sense.👍🏻👌🏻🖖🏻

      1. Serensays:

        Presumably that first full stop should have been a comma? I adore unsubstantiated generalisation. Indicative of slack wits, and poor education.

      2. You literally are neo-liberal

      3. Wesley Gibsonsays:

        “I’ve never had COVID. They ain’t sticking me with that motherf–king needle. It’s the motherf–king flu. Get over it.”

        -Chet Hanks, famous conservative

        If there are no conservative anti-vaxers then why did Chet explicitly say “don’t stick me with that needle”? Why didn’t he just say “Please stick me with that needle, just don’t mandate anyone else to be stuck with it”?

        If I didn’t know any better I would think you conservatives were being dishonest and trying to hide the extent to which anti-vax attitudes had infected the right.

    2. Wesley Gibsonsays:

      LMAO. Are you going to sit there and lie by telling us all that there are no anti-vax conservatives? There are tons of them. Go check out the Herman Cain award reddit.

      Granted, many of the less insane conservatives like Shapiro adopt the “anti-mandate” position (while still getting vaccinated) so that they can pander to their anti-vax conservative base while simultanously reaping the protection provided by the vaccine.

      1. Dark Fafnirsays:

        As jabbed people die everyday too….you guys are sheep

      2. Wesley Gibsonsays:

        @Dark Fafnir

        You’re changing the subject. OP said that conservatives weren’t anti-vax and I demonstrated that a large number of them are.

        Also, the Covid death rates for vaccinated people is much lower than the death rates for unvaccinated people no matter how much misinformation you plague rats spread.

    3. Pundits of pointedly pressing politicssays:

      It’s possible they’ve embraced the power of and 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    4. areyouready22says:

      Liar, no doubt.

  3. JayArnoldsays:

    LOL if you removed all the bullshit from this article you would have little left. First off White Knuckle has been postponed until the spring – not cancelled. Yes they postponed because Gina Carano and the Dailly Wire did not want to be on a position to force vaccine mandates on their cast and crew so they wiill instead shoot a movie in Montana where union mandates do not apply. However – if you have followed GIna Carano’s social media as well as the Daily you can easily derive they received the vax months ago. The writer does not understand that vaccine mandates are a complicated and controversial issue. Most of the cops, firefighters, MD’s and nurses getting fired for failing to comply with vax mandates are in facte vaccinated – but they are standing up for co-workers who may have good reasons for not being vaccinated. The writer wants to dumb it down to the point where if the cast and crew of this movie wants to shoot in a place where they can avoid vax mandates, then all of them must therefor be unvaccinated. Don’t expect cast and crew members to get sick filming this – that is pure rubbish. Most are vaccinated and it seems mostly outdoors…. so yeah complete rubbish.

    1. Wesley Gibsonsays:

      “they are standing up for co-workers who may have good reasons for not being vaccinated. ”

      If someone has a “good reason” for not being vaccinated then they’re allowed to opt out and get regular Covid testing instead. You conservatives are so full of crap. These people are all Karens making a giant issue out of a reasonable safety precaution for clout or because of a political agenda.

      1. Canutesays:

        Anti-vax is not a Republican thing it’s a everybody thing. What race of people are the least vaxed. The answer is black people and we know 90% of them are Democrats.

      2. Dark Fafnirsays:

        Except they dont have the testing options available…its jab or lose your job…its happened here already

      3. I know someone who is allergic to part of the vaccine and after almost dying with the first part was told she couldn’t take the second. Her job still fired her because she didn’t have it. Mandating the vaccine is not necessary, nor is it reasonable. Mind you I got the vaccine, with reservations. Now that cdc is actually starting to release full info and not just propaganda posts I know several more that are getting it. I also know several who would have but because of ridiculous mandates (like mandating it for online classes because apparently they think it’s able to transmit over the internet according to the colleges) they’re refusing out of principle. Strong arming people is a good way to start fights. If they started with giving all the data instead of treating people like children and saying “Trust is, get this” they wouldn’t have gotten so much resistance and been able to convince more sooner.

      4. Golden Jedi Knightsays:

        “If someone has a “good reason” for not being vaccinated then they’re allowed to opt out and get regular Covid testing instead. You conservatives are so full of crap. These people are all Karens making a giant issue out of a reasonable safety precaution for clout or because of a political agenda.”

        If I’m on that film crew and I’m vaccinated, then I couldn’t care less whether or not other people there are vaccinated or not. If I’m not vaccinated, then that’s on me if I get COVID and have a serious case. No one should be forced to vaccinate or take COVID tests every few days. In the United States, a nation of over 330 million people, around 600,000 have reportedly died of COVID (or while diagnosed with it – there have been other causes of death in many of these cases such as if a person had a pre-existing condition). Having one person die of anything is too many, but we should make public health decisions based on statistics, not on tiny percentages. If we don’t do that, then we may as well strap helmets onto people’s heads to protect them from falling meteors since the odds of getting hit by a meteor are about the same as dying from COVID.

      5. Wesley Gibsonsays:


        “Black people” isn’t a political party, you moron. Statistics clearly show that Republicans are anti-vax more often than Democrats.

      6. Wesley Gibsonsays:


        “fter almost dying with the first part was told she couldn’t take the second. Her job still fired her because she didn’t have it. ”

        LOL. You Repulican clowns are so bad at lying. You can just opt out of the vaccine mandates by simply taking semi-regular tests. Next time you want to make up a story like that try taking 10 minutes to do some research on Google first.

      7. Wesley Gibsonsays:


        “like mandating it for online classes because apparently they think it’s able to transmit over the internet”

        You Right Wing dipshits are the ones who think the vaccine is going to give you 5G put a microchip in your brain or whatever dumb shit you think is going to happen.

      8. Oh Wesley, (does a commas go here) thanks for the laughs. You are such a moron! (Exclamation point here?)

    2. Sigurthersays:

      Sad that we get better information and more accurate information from a commenter than we do from the ‘journalist’ that hacked together this collection of omissions, bias, half truths, and outright lies.

    3. Trump was right!says:

      Excellent comment!

  4. Jmac67says:

    Hacking up a lung happens more among the lifestyle of woke Hollywood more than a crew working out in the wide open spaces. After all in Hollywood woke is more important than talent.

    1. Boushaysays:

      What happened to “my body, my choice”. If you are vaccinated you are safe anyway right? Why would someone that has taken the Mark……errr….jab whatever worry because someone hasn’t had it? I mean you are safe, right? By the way I am neither left wing nor right wing but the founding fathers knew what they were doing with those documents. Keep on doing what those folks tell you to lemmings.

      1. Wesley Gibsonsays:

        -Implies that the Covid Vaccine is the Mark of the Beast

        -Claims to be “neither left wing nor right wing”

        LOL. Nice try.

  5. TechPagansays:

    How much liberal BS can you fit into a single article? There is so much deceit in this article it would make you think that the entire cast and crew have zero vaccinations and will be spreading, “cholera, typhoid, and tuberculosis” all because one person has decided they didn’t want the covid jab. You liberals make me want to puke.

    1. You don’t know how vaccines work. Despite being a small part of the population, anti vaxxers are the reason why measles and mumps have returned. Vaccines effectiveness relies on everyone getting them.

      1. It’s not a damn vaccine. Vaccines cure diseases. It’s a damn shot just like the flu. You can still get it after getting the shot. It’s not a damn cure. Quit pushing the narrative that it actually cures Covid. Let people do what they want with their own bodies. That’s their right. If you don’t like freedom there are plenty of Other parts of the world you can move to. Tired of these damn people trying to force their stupid liberal mi feet on people. Worry about yourself and stay the hell out of other peoples lives

      2. Wesley Gibsonsays:

        “It’s not a damn vaccine. Vaccines cure diseases. ”

        What? This is objectively wrong on so many levels.

    2. Also learn what a liberal is. You are literally a neo-lib lol

  6. Joe Mamasays:

    Hilarious. If I had to guess the backers withdrew money. Both descriptions sound like garbage.

    1. Not to mention they are only realising it on daily wire. Even if they actually make them, no one is going to watch them

      1. *releasing

    2. Dark Fafnirsays:

      Kinda like your name and joe momma..but I know spelling is hard.

  7. Serensays:

    Idiocy. Carano was referencing how prevalent militant ideology, and lack of adherence to the same, can result in social ostracism, and punitive actions being meted out by those who are aligned with it. Anyone capable of critical thought understands this. But, oooh, she referenced nazi Germany and the witless woke cried. Yes, her views are idiotic. But preferable social neo-McCarthyism.

  8. Superman not Gaysays:

    It’s amazing how you left out the other members of Lucas film along with pedro Pascal did the same thing you know calling all trump supporters Nazis and Racist and yet nothing was done swiftly about them. It’s the only reason why nothing was done to them because they were following the current narrative so if so basically if you follow the narrative the rules don’t apply to you If and that’s where the problem is if you want to be inclusive then the punishment needs to include everybody not just certain individuals

    1. Jonathan Kent is bi. Deal with it

      1. Canutesays:

        That’s not Superman. Being bi probably isn’t good enough for you. Let’s make him transgender so in 10 years he’ll probably kill himself or herself because transgender suicide rate is so high. Imagine the headlines of a comic book showing suicide. The left is lazy they take characters that are already established and change the narrative. I have no problem with you creating new characters and making them whatever you want them to be.

    2. Wesley Gibsonsays:

      That’s because Trump supporters are Nazis and racists. Why would Pedro Pascal be punished for telling the truth?

      1. Canutesays:

        You are delusional. Racism is dead in America and the Democrats are keeping it alive. White Republicans don’t sit around thinking about black people we have our own problems to deal with. Mainly stupid people like you.

      2. Dark Fafnirsays:

        Said the same thing but one is bad and the other a white knight..literally you guys are crazy

      3. The Lone Rangersays:

        You wouldn’t know the truth if it walked up and slapped you in the face. You’re as clueless as one can be. If I didn’t know you’re really a second grade kid posting these comments, I’d be worried about you.

  9. Being against the mandates doesn’t mean they’re all unvaxed, it means they support the freedom to keep your personal medical choices private. The spin in this article is stupid. Her first movie wasn’t “canceled” ( a word used to insinuate she failed) they just decided to pursue another due to environmental reasons. Seems kind of sexist to belittle a woman for her beliefs huh?

  10. Smoothsatiresays:

    So, she canceled her own movie to do another movie with the exact same production house and probably the same production team. Wow, I wish that Hollywood would move that quickly and I wish that you wrote headlines that actually were somewhat close to the facts covered in the article. What a waste of time

  11. F*uck yousays:

    You’re full of biased,liberal,lying pieces of s*it none is buying your crap

    1. Wesley Gibsonsays:

      LOL. U mad.

      1. Dark Fafnirsays:

        Lol…you probably got a neck beard and have your mom make your hot pockets for you…or is it grandma?

  12. Billsays:

    What an absolutely biased, garbage article.

    1. JayArnoldsays:

      Bad enough it contains flat out lies and misinformation…. but also half truths and (mis) leading statements,

  13. TRUMPWON20says:

    Wow what a nice anti covid vax hit piece. Stand up for freedom of choice and bodily autonomy!!

  14. Jarhead8896says:

    Do your research before writing a story. You are only writing part of it. You people are dumb for being so-called educated. Duh.

  15. Buck Fidensays:

    Wow, this author is a pussy soyboy bitch.

    1. Trump was right!says:


  16. Disappointedsays:

    Hacking up their lungs out, eh? This article is the equivalent of getting a McChicken when you ordered a mcdouble, how do you fuck up such an easy job, this is what you’re paid to do, be better at it.

    1. Trump was right!says:

      The left has low standards.

  17. Dicksays:

    Oh please she couldn’t act her way out of a paper bag

  18. Dark Fafnirsays:

    This article is written terribly…all bias not facts…its funny people want to off babies but not give people a choice on a unreliable vaccine for a created virus…you can say your a cat and we need to respect that but not respect my rights to have a choice…literally hoping for a asteroid and volcanoes..fingers crossed

    1. Trump was right!says:


  19. Dark Fafnirsays:

    I love when my comment couldn’t be “migrated” right to the comment section..offing babies is ok…picking gender and acting crazy ok…choice on are evil

    1. Trump was right!says:

      We are living in a time when good has become evil, and evil has become good.

    2. Wesley Gibsonsays:

      LOL. I think we find found a fundie Christard.

      By the way Dork Fafnier, do you know why people don’t like abortion jokes?

      Because they leave you with a feeling of emptiness inside. 😂

  20. Just remember DDT and Asbestos were “perfectly safe and effective. We were just following the science.

    1. Trump was right!says:

      Nailed it!

    2. byronNMEsays:

      No, the people who manufactured DDT and Asbestos actively hid studies that showed they were toxic, there was no accountability at all.

    3. Wesley Gibsonsays:

      Yet you’re willing to swallow horse paste out of a tube when doctors and scientists are actively telling you not to. Brilliant.

  21. Austinsays:

    Yeah, okay my guy. So what if we switch this around? What if it was a Democrat that was fired for a reason like that. Would you still write it in this rude manner? You can be against her beliefs but you shouldn’t wrote an article like this. This is an awful article, my guy. Total bias, total arrogant, very Republican hate. To be dissing on all Republicans like their stupid and such is not cool. Next time maybe don’t get too political and just try to stay in the middle ground. It would help some people read your article and not get angry with you.

    1. Trump was right!says:


    2. byronNMEsays:

      If a Democrat or Liberal stated that being either is akin to being Jewish in the Holocaust, I’d be first in line calling for their firing.

  22. Roger the Dogersays:

    Maybe this is a blessing in disguise that the movie was cancelled…. Straight to Video like all Steven Seagal movies this was destined for…🤣

  23. don't caresays:

    People deserve to die. They are to stupid.

    1. byronNMEsays:


  24. CharleyBoysays:

    Wow, Google isn’t left leaning at all. This article couldn’t be more leftist if they tried. And those federal vax mandates are unconstitutional.

    1. Trump was right!says:


  25. Old timersays:

    Yeah your bias as hell, and it shows. I’m vaxed and had it twice. I lived who knew lol. If that’s their choice respect. Disney was made bye a racist, but that was the norm then. Now they practice reverse racism on all fronts forcefully which is just as bad. Let people be and every opinion should be welcome. A major problem in our newer generations. They fight every opinion, but the one they see fit to see or believe.

    1. Trump was right!says:


  26. Spydersays:

    David James is a complete dummy. There is so much misleading info and blatant lies in this article. She NEVER specifically said Republicans in that tweet, all she said was that hating anyone for their political beliefs might be setting us down the same path that Germany went down. That’s true for any party. Once again you’re a lying journalist trying to gaslight and shift the story to convince people for your purposes. Also the way you relished in the thought of the cast catching COVID and living in the Wild West is beyond stupid. So her describing people being violent because of politics and the Holocaust is a long reach, but you describing a few people getting COVID to being the “Wild West” is a fair analogy? Complete dummy. I’ve had COVID twice and I’m not vaccinated. My 70 year old mom had COVID and she’s not vaccinated and she did better than me. You know who dies from COVID mainly? Overweight people, people with low immune systems. So why don’t you promote good health and vitamins instead of this BS propaganda? You stink, David.

    1. Trump was right!says:

      1. Excellent comment!
      2. Those on the left always lie.

    2. Wesley Gibsonsays:

      “She NEVER specifically said Republicans in that tweet,”

      She didn’t need to. It was clearly implied.

  27. It’s hilarious that this rag thinks Covid is a death sentence. How many die from covid? 1.6%. That is IF you get it. Lower for the healthy.

    1. Trump was right!says:

      The people that put this rag out are lefty’s. That means they’re pretty stupid and always lie.

  28. Pheresays:

    Stats you will never see;
    1. Unvaccinated people which got C ovid that are simply flu-like symptoms and recovered due to natural immunity.
    2. Vaccinated people that died from vaccine related complications.
    3. Vaccinated people that got C ovid & died After the fact.
    4. The scope of those vaccine recipients that have no idea what the vaccine is actually doing to their anatomy.
    5. What/how our (forcibly vaxed) children are going to be affected down the road.
    Mandated Vaccines are wrong! Just because You were so ignorant to take the jab, gives you absolutely no right to chastise those that are informed enough to Not succumb to Gov’t mandates!

    1. Trump was right!says:

      Nailed it!

  29. Dabarsays:

    Fact check: mostly false. The post that finally got her canned from Disney said nothing about Republicans. It compared the way people were reprogrammed to turn on their neighbors in Germany vs what is seemingly taking place now. As far as this virus goes, just keep in mind every news group you are trying to put your trust in is receiving a rather large payday from Pfizer. I’m sure this doesn’t create any conflict of interest when promoting the numbers. For the last two years you have been spoon fed lie after lie and even though you can look back and easily see these lies you refuse to do so.

    1. Trump was right!says:

      Excellent comment.

    2. Wesley Gibsonsays:

      While it’s true that the post Gina Carano made about Jews in Nazi Germany didn’t EXPLICITLY reference Republicans, the subtext was extremely obvious: Gina and the other Republicans were the “Jews” being dehumanized and denigrated by the “Nazi” liberals.

      Of course, the types of disingenuous weasels who support Gina Carano will never admit this fact.

  30. Patmansays:

    50% of the country is not going to vax, no matter what they do. So busting on her for it, is busting on 50% of the country. Not smart…..

    1. Trump was right!says:

      Those on the left aren’t smart or honest.

    2. byronNMEsays:

      Over 70% of adults and teens as young as 12 have already gotten one shot at least.

  31. Trump was right!says:

    “The Daily Wire may get a more realistic Wild West experience than they bargained for if they press on with plans to make movies with an unvaccinated cast and crew. After all, pioneers and settlers were frequently killed off by cholera, typhoid, and tuberculosis outbreaks, so the actors hacking up their lungs out as they try to film a Western might just add that crucial touch of realism to Gina Carano‘s next movie.”
    I can only conclude that David James is either incredibly stupid or a liar trying to maintain a false narrative that we are still in a full blown Chinese Wuhan Virus pandemic, with people dying left and right. If that were the case, which it’s not, than the packed stadiums full of people chanting “FJB” would have become super spreaders for the Chinese Wuhan Virus. They haven’t.
    Those on the left always lies and are usually pretty stupid.

  32. Teachersays:

    After chastising her for being republican and making an analogy, you answer with a hope that she and the crew get sick since she is a anti-vaxer….you are pitiful……


    Enough with the bull shit covid lies and crap! I am so dam tired of hearing this! Facts don’t care about your feelings! You soft libtard snowflakes can take your ignorance and intolerance and shove it up your ass! Bunch of hypocritical assholes

  34. LetsGoBrandonsays:

    Wow, the bias in this article is about as apparent as Joe Biden’s dementia…

  35. Mikesays:

    Yes, most people are in favor of the vax. It’s the mandates people are against. Just cause I’m vaxxed doesn’t mean I think we should be forcing it into other people’s bodies. I’m sure I’m not the only vaxxed person to feel that way, so I would most people are against the mandate.

  36. Bonesjonessays:

    Firing someone over freedom of speech is wrong especially when people claim it’s there right as an American.

  37. U2LNsays:

    This is fake news, it’s not even cancelled, just rescheduled, and she’s on the other movie they’re making too.

  38. Don'thavesitcoveredsays:

    This article is full of speculation 🙄. The Vaccinated are spreading Corona faster then any unvaccinated. You know the same unvaccinated that by now have a better immunity then any vaccine. 🤣🤣🤣

  39. LetsGoBrandonsays:

    She is literally filming a western with the daily wire right now

  40. B4Holosays:

    “her sharing a post comparing being Republican to being Jewish BEFORE the Holocaust.”

    Not during, before. You worthless neanderthal. Learn to interpret literally anything.

  41. BizzyBsays:

    Wow. Political BS aside, can we just talk about how both of these movies sound horribly stupid, Gina Carano is a terrible actress with the emotional range of wallpaper, and barely anyone is going to watch a movie released on the Daily Wire website. Good luck making money from that. Gina Carano is now a B-movie actress.

  42. Pundits of pointedly pressing politicssays:

    I keep hoping this site will return to being a trustworthy, reliable source for all kinds of info instead of an obviously politically biased opinion page

  43. Daily Wire Subscribersays:

    Uh… citation needed for them canceling White Knuckles. The quote you used is incredibly vague and doesn’t mention the movie being canceled at all. It honestly looks like you just want to try to cancel Gina Carano all over again.

  44. Dr. Kanesays:

    the media didn’t cancel Gina, this article isn’t attempt to “re-cancel” gina. she cancelled herself by being an idiot and saying things that SHE KNEW would get her in trouble in the most public way possible (regardless of the “freedom of speech” in this country there is no “freedom of speech” within the company that one is employed by…DUH! This is America: CAPITALISM FIRST – freedom second). this dumb bitch cancelled herself. she wanted to champion herself as a conservative hero but did so by comparing herself to a holocaust victim in an industry run by Jews on a platform run by liberals whilst working for a company run by the “woke” of the major media organizations: DISNEY. there was a million ways she could have said the same thing without comparing herself to 6 million exterminated people. Then upon getting cancelled, she decides to rail against vaccines the most public way ever KNOWING that the industry she works for has a diametrically opposed view…she is so dumb that i hope she never gets work in the entertainment industry again – because stupidity should never be rewarded…on that note, most of the commenters in this thread should be stripped of speaking and breeding rights.

  45. areyouready22says:

    What a completely ignorant article. First, Gina is 100% right in her opinion but even if she wasn’t would have the right under law to state it. For example, your opinion and that of all other ignorant liberals is 100% wrong and very damaging to our nation but you have the right to have it and I have no desire to silence you. So quit being a hypocrite and open your eyes to the truth.

  46. areyouready22says:

    I thought my previous comment wouldn’t be posted and I was right.

  47. areyouready22says:

    Wow this article is so ignorant.

  48. areyouready22says:

    Hello everyone

  49. GrowUpsays:

    Disgusting article, you should be ashamed.

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