God Of War Re-Writes Expand Upon Kratos’ Backstory

Looks like Sony is finally ready to fully commit towards giving one of their hottest properties, God of War, the big screen treatment it deserves.

The Film Stage is reporting that writers Patrick Melton and Marcus Dunstan have been hard at work polishing David Self’s original screen treatment, expanding upon the backstory of the violent warrior Kratos.

Melton and Dunstan believe since recent films like 300, Immortals, and Clash of the Titans all deploy the same visual aesthetic, and some deal with the whole slaying Greek Gods theme, it’s important for God of War to exist separately.

During their script polish, the writers will attempt to introduce Kratos before he becomes the blade wielding hero and establish grounded humanistic characteristics. In the games we dive right in as Kratos the legend, but Dunstan and Melton will try to materialize the man before transitioning into legendary form.

Re-writes are also going to give antagonist Aries a more involved role in the film, building him into the antagonist he deserves to be. His role was downplayed in the video game, but Melton and Dunstan will attempt to change that, making Kratos vs. Aries the heavyweight throwdown such names deserve to be.

Melton and Dunstan’s involvement may also be questionable for fans who don’t know of their past. The two are responsible for one of my favorite horror comedies in Feast, its weaker direct-to-DVD sequels, Saw IV through Saw 3D, The Collector, and another weaker sequel in Piranha 3DD – although, they were given touch up duties on Guillermo del Toro’s Pacific Rim, if that calms some minds.

The writers’ biggest strength to me is showcased in the amount of fun they can inject into horror situations, going above and beyond the call of gory duty, but God of War is a more serious title without much room for comedy.

I’ll absolutely be looking forward to seeing if the duo can establish Kratos as a well-valued man through human connection and strong character values, showing Kratos’ more well-known lifestyle in an emotionally jaded light.

So where do God of War fans stand on the impending film? Will it be just another button masher incarnate? Or will Patrick Melton and Marcus Dunstan polish Kratos into the glorious God killer we all love.