Godzilla Vs. Kong Director Reveals The Movie’s Original Ending

Godzilla vs. Kong

Godzilla vs. Kong was a hit with critics and fans and has been one of the most financially successful movies released during the pandemic era. I guess with more than a year spent dealing with a very real planet-wide disaster, the escapism of watching a giant gorilla sock a radioactive dinosaur in the kisser was too much to resist.

The movie also nicely wrapped up its story. After a preliminary tussle, Godzilla and Kong threw down for real among the neon-soaked skyscrapers of Hong Kong. Both fighters acquitted themselves well, though the sheer might and power of Godzilla eventually triumphed over Kong. Big G’s victory was short-lived, however, with the pair almost immediately having to team up to take down Mechagodzilla, rounding out the movie with a grudging respect for each other.

The last moments of the pic seemed to hint at more to come, as Kong took his rightful place as the King of Hollow Earth, but this wasn’t always the plan. Director Adam Wingard recently did a Reddit AMA where he hinted that this scene was a late addition. When asked if there were any alternative endings, he said:

“The original ending was just G swimming into the ocean but that felt like it didn’t properly tie up Kong’s story.”

Concluding the movie like that does seem a bit underwhelming, so I’m glad they decided to go with the extra Kong bit – particularly as it gives him a moment of real triumph post-defeat.

Based on that finale, fans have been calling for a new movie showing Kong’s adventures within the Hollow Earth, which may potentially include him finding more of his species. With this film breaking box office records, I’m thinking Legendary’s MonsterVerse still has some life left in it yet, but whether a sequel happens or not, Wingard is now looking ahead to Third Earth and planning out his awesome-sounding ThunderCats.

Whatever he directs next, though, if it looks as good as Godzilla vs. Kong, I’ll be there day one.