Watch: Godzilla Vs. Kong Trailer Seemingly Reveals New Look At Mechagodzilla

Godzilla Vs. Kong

Mechagodzilla being in Godzilla Vs. Kong is the worst kept twist in years. While the character hasn’t been officially announced, fans have spotted glimpses of him in the trailer, and we’ve seen images of him from toy fairs, T-shirts and even a leaked frame from the movie.

Now, a short new promo has debuted online with some fresh footage of the bout of the century, and eagle-eyed viewers have noticed what’s likely another sneak peek at the metallic titan. It comes at the very end of the trailer during close-ups on the characters’ eyes. In Kong’s, we zoom in to see something large and Godzilla-shaped coming his way. But this figure has glowing red eyes, electricity rippling around him and some kind of red circle on his chest area. Godzilla, who’s basically a humungous spiky radioactive lizard, doesn’t have any of those things, so odds are this is Mechagodzilla.

I’m all for throwing a giant robot into this titanic throwdown, but I’m praying that the Godzilla we see Kong squaring off against doesn’t turn out to be have been Mechadodzilla all along. After all, it’d be a major disappointment if we discovered that this film was secretly ‘Mechagodzilla vs. Kong.’ rather than the all-star bout it was billed as.

The best case scenario (and one I think looks likely) is that we’ll learn that Godzilla and Kong’s rivalry was engineered by sinister villain types who benefit from the destruction they’ll cause. But at some point, the two icons will realize they’re not necessarily enemies. That’s when Mechagodzilla is unleashed, resulting in a two-on-one lizard/gorilla vs. robot jamboree that’ll leave Mechagodzilla as a smoking pile of nuts and bolts.

However it goes down, we’ll see it soon enough, as Godzilla vs. Kong hits theaters and HBO Max on March 31st.