Kong’s New Weapon And Powers In Godzilla Vs. Kong Explained

Godzilla vs. Kong

Until yesterday’s long-awaited first trailer left them to pick their jaws up off the floor, fans were starting to get a little impatient with the lack of information surrounding Godzilla vs. Kong. After all, even in the current unpredictable cinematic climate, a major blockbuster holding off on showing any footage until nine weeks before release is practically unheard of.

Of course, those that have been keeping up to date with the tie-in merchandise will have found themselves much more in the know, after several leaked toy lines gave away a few major plot developments close to a year ago. The winged serpents seen causing some trouble for Kong on Skull Island were revealed in all of their plastic glory months before the movie ended up being delayed several times, while the merch also hinted that the giant ape could soon get a new toy of his own.

Indeed, Kong’s impressive axe delivered one of the best moments in a trailer jam-packed with fan service, because anyone that’s interested in seeing two huge monsters kick the living sh*t out of each other on the big screen would’ve been in raptures at the sight of the overgrown primate flying through the air directly towards Godzilla while wielding a makeshift weapon capable of harnessing the King of the Monsters’ atomic breath.

As ScreenRant notes:

The end of the Godzilla vs. Kong trailer, where the two charge at each other, reveals that Kong can use the axe to catch and block Godzilla’s atomic breath. Not only is that impressive, but it could be a big boost to Kong’s chances at winning. After all, the atomic breath is Godzilla’s greatest weapon, and one that Kong struggled against in the original film. Blocking it could be the key to surviving. However, it’s not clear as of yet how it’s capable of doing that, or why it was glowing blue before Godzilla even blasted it. For now, this aspect of the axe will remain a mystery.

Regardless of where the axe comes from, it does appear that it’s Kong’s best chance at overcoming Godzilla and taking the title of alpha for himself. Kong may need it, especially since hurting Godzilla with just his fists may not be enough to bring him down. With the axe though, he could penetrate his opponent’s thick hide and do some serious damage

In terms of the MonsterVerse mythology, it looks as though Kong’s intelligence has also increased along with his size, and having spent his life battling against the more unsavory citizens of his homeland, it would appear as if he’s now breaking out the heavy artillery, which is bad news for his opposite number, but great news for Godzilla vs. Kong enthusiasts.