Kong: Skull Island

Godzilla Vs. Kong Toy Reveals Kong’s New Weapon

A new Godzilla vs. Kong action figure seemingly reveals the new weapon that Kong will be wielding in the film at some point.

Merchandise manufacturers have been known to let a few movie spoilers slip when showing off licensed tie-in products over the years, and that’s exactly what appears to have happened with Playmates Toys and its Godzilla Vs. Kong range. One of the company’s official figurines from the crossover pic has just appeared on Walmart’s website, spilling the beans on a few key details from the Titans’ upcoming clash.

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The retailer has outed a ‘6″ Kong with Battle-Axe’ action figure and the biggest spoiler it reveals is rather obvious from the name alone. It comes with a hefty battle axe, a weapon we presume we’ll see the great ape wielding in the movie. The axe appears to be a DIY construction put together by Skull Island’s resident Titan and you have to wonder how effective that’s going to be against Godzilla, who’s capable of withstanding a nuclear blast. But perhaps there’s more to the weapon than meets the eye.

In addition to his new gear, the Kong figurine hints at other minor plot points from the movie. Firstly, there’s a detachable chunk of flesh around the ape’s right bicep area, suggesting that his opponent might inflict a serious injury on him here. There are also slash marks on his torso. Could these be specific wounds that Kong will suffer during the big showdown?

Originally set to arrive in theatres this November, Godzilla Vs. Kong ran into delays when the coronavirus pandemic hit and has been pushed back to May 2021. Sadly, Legendary Entertainment is yet to release the first trailer for the big MonsterVerse brawl, though leaks, marketing materials and an official synopsis have given fans an idea of what to expect.

Seemingly, the two monsters will be drawn together by seismic activity beneath Skull Island, which likely means there’s another Titan on the scene who’s hoping to be crowned King of the Monsters. Like most crossovers of this nature, the two eponymous beasts will likely slug it out for a while before joining forces against a common threat. If nothing else, we should be in for some epic skirmishes when the movie finally hits.

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