Watch: Incredible Godzilla Vs. Kong Fan Trailer Teases The Fight Of The Century


Like it or lump it, over the years Warner Bros. and Legendary’s MonsterVerse has delivered some jaw-dropping spectacle of Herculean titans beating seven bells out of each other.

So far we’ve had the Gareth Edwards-directed Godzilla movie, Kong: Skull Island, and last year’s King of the Monsters which, while flawed, introduced all sorts of city-leveling titans and the thermonuclear Gojira.

And this year, Warner and Legendary will take things one step further with the aptly-titled Godzilla Vs. Kong, a crossover film that pits the King of Monsters against his next challenger: a towering ape and the true protector of Skull Island. It’s a tantalizing prospect, and though we’ve yet to see any real footage (Warner did choose to delay the film, after all), YouTuber Stryder HD has served up the next best thing: an electric fan trailer featuring snippets from Skull Island and most of Godzilla’s cinematic catalog. Keep your peepers peeled for the shot of Mechagodzilla.

To recap: King of the Monsters really belonged to Gojira and his quest for dominance, but it’s no secret that Warner Bros. has been working towards this 2020 showdown for quite some time – peppering its MonsterVerse movies with a number of post-credits scenes, all of which teased the inevitable showdown between Godzilla and a prehistoric ape of epic proportions.

And don’t forget, while Kong was a mere 104 feet in Skull Island (compared to the eye-watering 390 feet of Gojira), Legendary’s super-sized ape is still growing. So don’t be fooled into thinking that Kong is coming into this 2020 crossover as the underdog.

Godzilla Vs. Kong will emerge blinking into the sunlight on November 20th, 2020. And there can be only one king of the monsters…

Source: Stryder HD