Director Adam Wingard Says Godzilla Vs. Kong Will Crown A Winner


It’s the question that has fueled debate for generations. Which cinematic monstrosity would win in a fight: King Kong? Or Godzilla, King of the Monsters?

Thanks to the release of Gareth Edwards’ 2014 reboot, it’s fair to say that many movie fans would place their bets on Gojira, given the Godzilla inhabiting Legendary’s MonsterVerse stands at a mighty 350 feet tall. Kong, by comparison, is only 100 feet in height by the time he’s introduced via Skull Island, though writer-director Adam Wingard has been quick to downplay any concern over the apparent size difference. And for good reason, too, considering he’s been placed in control of the forthcoming crossover, Godzilla Vs. Kong.

Dubbed a “massive monster movie brawl” of epic proportions by Wingard himself, the Death Note filmmaker spoke to EW recently about his gestating event movie and, in particular, his desire to crown a definitive winner when all is said and done.

I do want there to be a winner. The original film was very fun, but you feel a little let down that the movie doesn’t take a definitive stance. People are still debating now who won in that original movie, you know. So, I do want people to walk away from this film feeling like, Okay, there is a winner.

What’s interesting is that, at least based on Wingard’s comments, it seems as though Godzilla Vs. Kong will find the two titular titans at loggerheads throughout its entire run, as opposed to each beast reconciling their differences and fighting on the same side around the mid-way point – not unlike the arc in Batman V Superman. Chalk that up as conjecture at this early stage though, as plot details are non-existent.

If Skull Island introduced us to the place where myth and science meet, and King of the Monsters is poised to welcome Rodan, Mothra, and King Ghidorah into the fray, then Godzilla Vs. Kong will deliver a monster mash-up for the ages. It’s currently booked in for release in March of 2020, and there have been rumblings that Lionsgate and Warner Bros. will work to extend their MonsterVerse far into the future.

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