Going In Style Trailer: You’re Never Too Old To Get Even


Going in Style, the third directorial effort from Zach Braff following Garden State and Wish I Was Here, has been a long time coming. Initially hatched three years ago, Warner Bros. made the decision to bump Braff’s crime caper all the way into 2017, effectively shielding it from the mighty Captain America: Civil War.

Even with the calibre attached – Morgan Freeman, Michael Caine and Alan Arkin star as three jaded pensioners out to stage a bank heist – Going in Style lay dormant for months on end, but with an April 2017 release date fast approaching, WB is now beginning to stoke the embers of excitement with the all-new trailer.

In it, we’re introduced to life-long pals Willie, Joe and Al, a trio of OAPs who decide to buck retirement altogether and hit back at the system – a system that so cruelly robbed them of their pensions in the first place. And so, proving you’re never too old to get even, Freeman, Caine and Arkin hitch a plan to rob their local bank but, as you’re no doubt already gathered, they’re not exactly expert criminals.

What unfolds is a heartfelt romp in which the old guys ultimately have the last laugh, and though that shtick of tossing together industry greats has bombed in the past – here’s looking at you, Last Vegas – there’s a sense of authenticity to Going in Style that ought to ensure Braff’s latest fares well with audiences. Theodore Melfi is the brains behind the screenplay.

Following a one-year delay, Going in Style will finally make a beeline for theaters on April 7, 2017.