A Great Chris Evans Movie Is Finding New Life On Netflix

Chris Evans

Looking at the facts, it would appear as though nobody in Hollywood loves starring in a comic book movie more than Chris Evans, with the actor having racked up a huge number of credits in a variety of different of spins on the near-ubiquitous genre.

As well as playing the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Steve Rogers on ten occasions, eleven if the rumors of a What If…? cameo as an alternate version of Spider-Man pan out, he also suited up as the Human Torch in Tim Story’s pair of Fantastic Four blockbusters. On top of that, he voiced Casey Jones in the animated TMNT, stole scenes as Jake Jensen in The Losers, headlined Snowpiercer as Curtis Everett, and even original effort Push got a comic book tie-in before the movie itself hit theaters in 2009.

chris evans scott pilgrim

That’s without mentioning Edgar Wright’s Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, the cult classic still lauded by fans well over a decade after it was first released and flopped at the box office, which might be the most tragically overlooked and underrated entry in Evans’ back catalogue of seventeen outings and counting as a comic book character.

The star plays Lucas Lee, one of the many obstacles needing to be overcome by Michael Cera’s title hero in order to save the day and win the girl, and Chris Evans has an absolute ball with his performance. Sadly, Scott Pilgrim didn’t get to launch the franchise that was intended after earning less than $50 million globally, but it continues to find new fans on an almost annual basis. To illustrate that point even further, the kaleidoscopic adventure has mad its way up the Netflix viewership charts, and now ranks as one of the platform’s 20 most popular titles.