A Great Marvel Movie Is Killing It On Streaming This Week


There was a hint of irony in Disney Plus unveiling a brand new timeline for how to watch the Marvel Cinematic Universe when the platform doesn’t even contain the entirety of the franchise. As Sony co-productions, Spider-Man: Homecoming and Far From Home have yet to arrive on the Mouse House’s streaming service, but you can guarantee that’ll change eventually as both subscriber numbers and the volume of MCU content continues to rise steadily.

For now, though, the web-slinger’s solo outings are available to stream elsewhere, and Far From Home has been posting a strong showing on Hulu. The web-slinging sequel is currently the tenth most-watched movie on the platform, as interest in Kevin Feige’s mythology skyrockets once again thanks to the bizarre events of WandaVision dominating the headlines every Friday.

Far From Home still marks the last theatrical release to hail from the MCU, too, having swung into theaters nineteen months ago before going on to become the first live-action Spider-Man blockbuster to cross the billion dollar mark at the box office. And while the shadow of Tony Stark may loom large over the story, Tom Holland never lets it detract from Peter Parker’s arc.

Jake Gyllenhaal returns to big budget cinema in style as Quentin Beck as well, with the narrative doing a fantastic job of making a villain like Mysterio feel as though he could conceivably exist within the heightened reality of the MCU despite concerns that he might have been a little too silly to pull off.

Until the hotly anticipated sequel debuts in December, fans will have to make do with rewatching the Spidey back catalogue, but that doesn’t appear to be an issue in the slightest given how well Far From Home continues to perform on streaming.