The Green Inferno Slotted For September Release By Blumhouse Label


Great news for all you gorehounds out there – today brings word that, after a lengthy delay, Eli Roth’s cannibal horror pic The Green Inferno will hit theaters on September 25 through Blumhouse Productions’ BH Tilt label, which is teaming up with Universal Pictures and High Top Releasing to release the movie on approximately 1,000 screens and undertake a social media-heavy marketing campaign.

Shady accounting issues with financier Worldview Entertainment led distributor Open Road Films to scratch The Green Inferno‘s previously planned September 2013 release, delaying the pic indefinitely. Roth was really left high and dry by the company, but BH Tilt, which specializes in genre fare, has evidently stepped up to the plate so that the horror maestro’s latest will finally be seen by his many ardent followers.

Roth released an official statement, expressing his delight with the recent turn of events:

“The Green Inferno is a wild, fun ride that took us deeper into the Amazon than anyone has ever taken a film crew. BH Tilt is a forward thinking label that is helping to redefine how genre movies can be released. I want to express my deep gratitude to the fans for their incredible support of this movie and to everyone at Blumhouse and Universal for making sure fans can experience the film in theaters across the country.”

Jason Blum, founder of the horror-centric Blumhouse, added:

“When we launched BH Tilt we said our goal was to be part of the continuing evolution of distribution, whether it is through changing marketing strategies, changing revenue sources or changing windows. We are excited to capitalize on new developments in distribution and marketing to bring Eli’s movie to horror lovers across the country.”

The Green Inferno focuses on well-meaning college activists taken prisoner and tortured by the very native tribe they had traveled to the rainforest in hopes of protecting. Our own Matt Joseph reviewed the movie at the Toronto International Film Festival way back in 2013 and liked what he saw, calling it “visceral, unsettling and completely insane at times.” Now, thanks to BH Tilt, Universal and High Top, horror fans the world over will get a chance to see the anticipated pic for themselves.