Green Lantern 3D Trailer

Only a few short hours after the Transformers: Dark Of The Moon 3D trailer was released, Warner Bros. has released a 3D trailer for Green Lantern. Like the Transformers one, it will also be shown in front of Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides. Also like the Transformers one, there is a lot of recycled footage here but just enough new stuff to make it worth a watch.

Plus it has Geoffrey Rush narrating it, which was a great call. He outlines the backstory of the film just enough so that those who are new to the character won’t go in scratching their heads.

Of course, watching a 3D trailer on your computer screen doesn’t do you much good but it’s better than nothing. Plus if you really do want to see it in 3D (and I hear it does look pretty good), go check out the new Pirates film.