Here’s How Tenet’s John David Washington Could Look As DCEU’s Green Lantern

Green Lantern

The second trailer for Christopher Nolan’s Tenet arrived online recently, giving us a better look at John David Washington as the movie’s super-cool protagonist – called Protagonist – who’s able to manipulate time. Also in the film is soon-to-be-Batman Robert Pattinson. Given Nolan’s own connections to the DC universe though and the superhero-like nature of his role, it doesn’t seem like much of a jump to imagine Washington joining the DCEU at some point. Maybe as… Green Lantern?

Digital artist Boss Logic has created a piece, based off an image of the actor in Tenet, imagining Washington in character as one of the Emerald Knights, likely John Stewart. You have to admit that he looks great in the classic Lantern get-up, even just in fan art form.

See for yourself below:

Warner Bros. has long-intended to reboot the Lanterns within the DCEU, following 2011’s flopped movie starring Ryan Reynolds. Green Lantern Corps is still in some stage of development at WB, with Tom Cruise once courted to star as Hal Jordan. Stewart, meanwhile, would serve as the co-lead of the film. Various stars have been touted by fans as strong picks for the character and now it seems they’ve entered Washington into the race.

It’s worth noting that we learned last year that he was actually in discussions to join Matt Reeves’ The Batman in a key role. Plans changed, however, and his character was removed from the storyline. So, maybe Reeves will hire him for a Batman sequel, or perhaps it would be best if he ended up becoming a Lantern instead?

In any case, while we wait for the movie to sort itself out, a big budget Green Lantern TV series is coming to HBO Max in the near future.