Is Green Lantern In Justice League? One Fan Claims To Have The Definitive Answer


Like the Bat-Signal illuminating the night skies of Gotham, Justice League is beginning to cast a huge, DC-shaped shadow over theaters. And it seems Warner Bros. is struggling to keep a lid on the film’s many secrets.

With Justice League: The Official Collector’s Edition uncovering pertinent character details and some truly spectacular pieces of concept art left, right, and center, the Internet has also managed to gain a bootleg recording, which brings you up close to one of the film’s two post-credits scenes. Fair warning: it’s riddled with spoilers from top to bottom, so continue through at your own discretion.

And though a film’s after-credits scene(s) tends to spark heated debate online, DC fans have been rummaging around the four corners of the Internet in search of story clues relating to Green Lantern. Indeed, the cosmic superhero has been tipped for a Justice League cameo since the very beginning, when Armie Hammer emerged as an early favorite to clinch the role. There hasn’t been any development on that front as of yet, but we may now have an answer to the million-dollar question: does Hal Jordan have a cameo role in Justice League? Spoilers to follow.

As reported by Movie Pilot, two Reddit users fortunate enough to catch an early screening have confirmed that, yes, Green Lantern is mentioned in Justice League, but not how you might’ve expected:

[There is] an up close shot of the ring as well. The Lantern is fighting a huge war with the Atlanteans, Amazons, and mankind against Steppenwolf

Those allegations come from a Reddit user called ‘ecabarus,’ which are exciting enough before you add doctormanhatten38772’s own claims into the mix:

All you see is during the history lesson. We see one unnamed green lantern and he is wearing i believe a more classic green lantern suit closer to the comics than the 2011 movie, but I could be wrong because it was moving so fast. We see him make I think two different constructs which looked really good. And we see him die and the ring flies off to find another corps member. That’s about it for green lantern though.

It’s not the show-stopping cameo that some had hoped for, then, nor is it an after-credits appearance designed to tee up Green Lantern Corps; rather, Justice League merely alludes to the character’s existence, which isn’t all that surprising given how GLC isn’t expected to arrive until at least 2020.