New Justice League Intel Details The “Badass” Commissioner Gordon And His Military Past


When it comes to the Caped Crusader, few things are as synonymous with DC’s Dark Knight than Commissioner James Gordon, arbiter of justice and one of the few remaining good guys of Gotham City.

So when it was announced that Ben Affleck was being drafted in to replace Christian Bale as Batman, and Warner Bros. tapped Jeremy Irons as Alfred, the Internet soon fixated on the vacant role of Commissioner Gordon. And though he was left on the sidelines during Batman V Superman, the imminent Justice League will herald our first peek at J.K. Simmons (Spider-Man) as Gotham’s loyal servant.

He’s a “badass,” according to the actor, who revealed some juicy details about his on-screen character in the newly-published companion book, Justice League: Official Collector’s Edition (via CBM).

My take on Commissioner Gordon is that he’s a badass but that’s an under-appreciated part of who he is, because he’s eclipsed by the ultimate badass, Batman. But Gordon is a tough ex-Marine, who worked his way up and can handle himself in the turf of bad guys. Compared to Batman, he’s just a regular guy, but compared to most people, he’s a champion.

The Caped Crusader himself, Ben Affleck, echoed that sentiment, stating that Simmons not only brings a real sense of gravitas to the role, but it seems Gotham’s law enforcer has been spending some time in the gym.

J.K. lands a real gravitas to the role. He’s got that kind of realism down, where he’s just so world-weary and gritty. Here’s a guy that’s been working the beat of Gotham for decades. I think he just likes to be ripped [Laughs]. It’s a little weird, it’s like the Super Hero Commissioner Gordon, who takes his shirt off and stars flexing [Laughs]. J.K.’s just as strong as the members of the Justice League.

Justice League is due to arrive on November 17th, and when it does, it’ll include not one, but two post-credits scenes. There’s also been mention of a bona fide sequel getting off the ground in the not-so-distant future, and it seems Ben Affleck and Co. already have some ideas in mind when it comes to casting.