Justice League Stars Reveal Which Heroes They Want To See In A Sequel


With just a little more than a week separating now from the movie that many of us have been waiting our entire lives for – that, of course, being Justice League – I think it’s safe to say that anticipation levels have reached critical mass. And as is the case with so many superhero films being granted sequels these days, we in the geek community can never help looking to the future.

Now, if this flick brings in enough dough to allow a followup to be green lit – and we sure hope it does – one would naturally assume that one or more heroes will join the gang in subsequent movies. Hey, it just makes sense, and we’ve seen it happen on numerous occasions in the past with other franchises.

Not surprisingly, this question came up in a recent interview that MTV conducted with the stars of Justice League, as the cast was asked which DC heroes they’d like to see join the team in a possible sequel. While Henry Cavill and Ben Affleck’s respective responses of Supergirl and Black Canary are enough to excite any one of us, you have to admit that those characters’ statuses with The CW may make such a thing difficult. Still, we admire Ray Fisher’s suggestion of Zatanna, as the Mistress of Magic hasn’t seen enough mainstream exposure.

As for Ezra Miller, well, we were thrilled to see him play the Green Lantern card, but with a bit of a twist:

“There could be someone in the Green Lantern Corps who could be a woman. There’s no reason why a woman can’t get the ring.”

Actually, he’s 100% correct – and it’s already happened in the comics. With all the Green Lantern rumors swirling, it’d be one heck of a curveball if Jessica Cruz were to show up in the DCEU. Believe it or not, she’s actually dated the Flash in the comics! That said, we can’t help but applaud Mr. Miller for walking backward into that one.

And speaking of additions that align with the comics, Jason Momoa had one of his own, saying, “After Aquaman I’m probably gonna have to bring my wife with me, too.” Obviously, he’s referring to Amber Heard’s Mera, a character who actually joined her husband’s super squad within the past year. Truth be told, this one could actually pan out.

Justice League opens in theaters on November 17.