The Old Guard 2 Will Reportedly Have A Big Focus On Female Power

The old Guard

If Mad Max: Fury Road, Atomic Blonde and Netflix’s The Old Guard haven’t made it abundantly clear already, an R-rated action movie with Charlize Theron in the lead role can usually be relied on to deliver. In addition to being an Academy Award winning actress with a string of acclaimed performances under her belt, the 45 year-old is regarded as one of cinema’s premiere action heroes, which is a balance that not a lot of stars can pull off convincingly.

As well as playing Andy, who goes by Andromache of Scythia on a Sunday, Theron also produced the streaming service’s smash hit comic book blockbuster. The Old Guard was a critical and commercial success, too, currently holding a strong Rotten Tomatoes score of 80% and becoming one of the platform’s most-watched original movies ever after being beamed into the eyeballs of 78 million households in the space of four weeks.

Naturally, the talk has turned to sequels, something Theron and the gang have admitted that they’d be more than on board with. And while we don’t know too much about the follow-up just yet, insider Daniel Richtman is claiming on his Patreon page that the pic will have a big focus on female power.

Unfortunately, that’s all he had to share, and there’s not a lot of information readily available surrounding The Old Guard 2, but we’re certainly looking forward to more blood, bullets, slicing and dicing from the titular team as they take on whatever new threat arises in the sequel. It’ll be tough to live up to the first outing, to be sure, but as we said above, Theron almost always delivers and you can bet she’ll be giving it her all when Andromache of Scythia returns to our screens.