The Guardians Of The Galaxy Will Bring Levity To The “Dramatic” Avengers: Infinity War


Avengers: Infinity War is going to be a big film. Actually, scratch that. Big is probably an understatement, as the upcoming Phase 3 release looks to unite every character in the MCU that’s still breathing as our heroes band together to take down big bad Thanos. It’s set to be a superhero team-up of epic proportions and a monumental blockbuster, one that Marvel’s been building towards for nearly a decade now.

Of all the characters set to cross paths with Earth’s Mightiest heroes in the film though, perhaps the ones we’re most excited to see interact with the likes of Thor, Iron Man, Captain America, etc., are the Guardians of the Galaxy. Yes, James Gunn’s dysfunctional “family” of space-set adventurers will be making their way down to the ground for Joe and Anthony Russo’s sequel and from what we understand, they’ve got a small but important role to play in the fight against Thanos.

While we don’t know the specifics of how they’ll get involved just yet, we can at least rest easy knowing that the gang’s humor and enjoyable dynamic won’t be lost in the shuffle when they show up alongside the various other heroes. That much was confirmed recently by Zoe Saldana, who told Collider the following when they asked about her experience working on Avengers: Infinity War.

[The Russos are] fantastic. I’m a sucker for siblings that work together and make it work. I’m one of three sisters and we have our own production company. They do a fantastic job. They’re not shying away from the drama that an undertaking [that involves] bringing all the characters in the Marvel universe together is going to be for them. And they’re understanding the dramatic beats and they’re showcasing it, and obviously it’s gonna have a lot of action and everything, but also as Guardians being a part of it, we’re providing that levity and I think that it’s gonna make the movies more interesting.

Continuing on, Saldana noted that the film is going to be “very big” but that the Guardians will still keep their “authentic voices.”

We’re kind of like in shock. It’s too big. In theory your mind going in you’re like, ‘This is too big. I hope I’m not overstimulated and overwhelmed by its immensity,’ because it’s very big. But to know what they’re doing and the direction that they’re taking, I felt super excited very early on. And I love that the fact that the Guardians were keeping our authentic voices, and that’s gonna be really what’s gonna make our introduction—our participation—special. I love what they’re doing with the rest of the Avengers and their characters and their storylines. It’s gonna be quite dramatic and amazing.

From what we’ve heard, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 is going to be more of a standalone adventure, which is absolutely fine. Just don’t expect too much world-building or set-up to be done for Infinity War in the upcoming sequel. However, with multiple post-credit scenes already confirmed, we should get at least some sort of tease as to how Star-Lord and co. will come into contact with the others and we’re certainly eager to learn more about that.

For now, though, the future is looking awfully bright for Marvel fans and if Joe and Anthony Russo can deliver on even half of what’s been promised with Avengers: Infinity War, then phase 3 will most definitely go out with a bang.

Source: Collider