‘Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3’ star edits Instagram post after getting in trouble with Marvel

Zoe Saldana has been forced to delete a recent Instagram post and re-upload it with some edits after getting into trouble with Marvel. The Avatar actress is currently busy shooting Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, in which she’ll reprise the role of Gamora, the so-called Most Dangerous Woman in the Galaxy, for the fifth and possibly final time. Saldana has been offering fans spoiler-free glimpses from the set since production began, but her latest social media activity brought her a scolding from the studio.

Saldana shared a short video of herself in full green Gamora makeup sipping from a mate cup as she relaxed while looking through a binder. According to the star, she originally posted the video with the writing in the binder too exposed, drawing Marvel’s ire, so she reshared it with the pages blurred by green marker.

“Had to take this down before because of Marvel Security,” Saldana explained in her caption. “Now that I covered what they don’t want you to see, let’s just focus on the Mate!!!!!

Now, Marvel fans are far too professional at scouring MCU stars’ social media posts for spoilers to be deterred by some green scribbles, so folks have still managed to work out what Saldana is looking at here. As it happens, it doesn’t seem to be anything too tantalizing. The “Atlanta” binder simply lists a series of dates and filming blocks, basically breaking down the ins and outs of production in January.

So Marvel appears to be being a little overcautious on this one, but it just goes to show how dedicated it is to rein in spoilers. And given that Saldana got in trouble for sharing something as inconsequential as this binder, it makes you wonder how much of a telling-off the studio gives those actors who blow the really big secrets online, like when Jamie Foxx confirmed his Spider-Man: No Way Home return way before he was supposed to.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 is due in theaters in May 2023. The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special, also featuring Zoe Saldana and the rest of the crew, hits Disney Plus later this year.