Guillermo Del Toro Reveals Epic Battles For Pacific Rim

If you weren’t interested enough with the proposition of giant mechanized fighting machines doing battle against gargantuan otherworldly monsters, then you should either check your pulse or listen to what director Guillermo Del Toro has to say about some of Pacific Rim‘s action sequences.

In an interview with Total Film, Del Toro spoke to the locations of some of these man-versus-beast skirmishes and frankly, they sound like they have the ability to make the bouts in the Transformers films look like they were shot against a blank white backdrop.

“We had a Tokyo scene that we shot here in Toronto. We had several Hong Kong scenes and a few scenes in Australia, through the television. We briefly see the kaiju take over San Francisco. The whole Pacific Rim needs a sense of danger.”

“We take the battles far and above! Two or three of them happen in places where there have never been a battle between kaiju and robots. From the bottom of the ocean to the atmosphere of the Earth. We have a battle in a storm at sea. Every battle we try to do differently. One is seen from the point of view of a single person. We never cut away from that point of view.”

I can’t wait to see Del Toro’s distinct visual style meshed with the unique physics that will be involved with fights underwater and in zero gravity. If the creature design in Pan’s Labyrinth and Hellboy are any indication, I’m sure my imagination has nothing on what this visionary has concocted.

With Pacific Rim having recently got an official plot synopsis along with its first image, it’s clear that everything is in full swing for this superb sounding blockbuster.

Pacific Rim stars Idris Elba, Ron Perlman, Charlie Day, Charlie Hunnam and Rinko Kikuchi and is set for a release on July 13, 2013.