Hailee Steinfeld poses with Lucky the Pizza dog in adorable ‘Hawkeye’ BTS photo

Hawkeye might be named after Jeremy Renner’s avenging archer, but three episodes in, and it seems the show’s supporting characters are stealing the spotlight from Clint Barton. Fans have been primed to love Hailee Steinfeld as popular comic book character Kate Bishop all along, and sure enough, she’s become an instant favorite. And the same is true of Kate’s loveable adopted pooch, Lucky the Pizza Dog.

And you can get a new look at these two faves together in this adorable behind-the-scenes image from the set of Hawkeye. It features Steinfeld posing for a selfie with Lucky, whose real name is Jolt, with the dog sporting a heartwarming smile. The Dickinson actress herself shared the pic on Instagram yesterday, which she called “some wholesome pizza dog & kate content” in her caption, to mark the release of the Disney Plus production’s third episode.

Pizza Dog was introduced alongside Kate in Hawkeye episode 1, with the archery prodigy adopting him after he saved her from the Tracksuit Mafia. He’s been with Kate and Clint ever since, though it was only in episode 3 when Kate officially christened him Pizza Dog. To date, he’s yet to get his comic book name of Lucky, but that could still happen. A warning, though, in the comics Clint calls him that after he survives a tough experience. We think the internet might just riot if anything happens to Pizza Dog on screen.

While it’s unclear where Clint goes next after this six-part series is up, it’s safe to assume we’ll be getting much more of Kate in the MCU, so it stands to reason that we’ll be seeing Lucky alongside her in future entries in the franchise, too. Maybe he’ll become a mascot of the Young Avengers when the next generation of heroes finally forms.

In the meantime, Hawkeye continues Wednesdays on Disney Plus.