Is Haley Bennett Also In Terrence Malick’s Knight Of Cups?

When it was announced that Terrence Malick would shoot two films, Knight Of Cups and Lawless, back to back in the summer and fall of 2012, Haley Bennett‘s name appeared only on the cast list for Lawless. Now we have some information that leads us to believe she may also be in Knight Of Cups.

A model casting call from a few days ago has Haley Bennett listed as a cast member for Knight Of Cups. Casting calls from modelling agencies aren’t the most reliable of sources, but it’s very hard to believe that they would make a miss print in the form of adding an actresses name.

The call from Universal Model reads:

“Date & Time: 02/15/2012 01:00 PM Deadline: Feb 15 2012 12:00 AM
Company Name: FilmNation Entertainment/Sarah Green Film Corp. City:
Country: US State: CA Type: Film
Talent Categories:
Models Accepted: 0 / 30 Models Shortlisted: 0 Models Rejected: 0
Actor Accepted: 0 / 30
KNIGHT OF CUPS – April 11, 2012; FilmNation Entertainment/Sarah Green Film Corp., 345 N. Maple Dr., Ste. 202, Beverly Hills, CA 90210.
CAST, Christian Bale, Haley Bennett, Cate Blanchett, Isabel Lucas
PROD, Terrence Malick, Sarah Green, Nicolas Gonda; DIR/SCR, Terrence Malick; FOREIGN, FilmNation.”

If this news is correct, it further presents the argument that these two films will be linked, with four of the key actors being in both films.

It is unclear if Isabel Lucas will also show up in Lawless, or if Ryan Gosling and/or Rooney Mara will show up in Knight Of Cups. In fact, a lot of things surrounding these two projects are unclear. Seeing as Malick is at the helm though, don’t expect answers anytime soon.

Knight Of Cups stars Christian Bale, Natalie Portman, Cate Blanchett and Isabel Lucas, and is likely to be released in 2013.

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