Halloween 2 Expected To Hit Theaters In October 2020


The end of the acclaimed 2018 slasher hit Halloween left just enough ambiguity for a sequel if the film performed well at the box office. Sure enough, the Blumhouse project exceeded all expectations and many records by taking in $255 million worldwide against a $10 million production budget. The movie, which itself is a sequel to the 1978 classic of the same name, has thus more than earned itself a follow-up. Halloween 2 is now expected to hit theaters in the fall of 2020. Specifically, on October 16th.

Franchise star Jamie Lee Curtis is already tapped to return as Laurie Strode, the hardened matriarch who refuses to allow her family to fall victim to the serial killer who’s wanted her dead for decades. Fellow series mainstay Nick Castle has already expressed his desire to once again don the infamous Michael Myers mask, so it seems likely he’ll be involved as well in at least some capacity. Judy Greer and Andi Matichak are also both expected to reprise their roles as the latter generations of the survivor’s family.

All three women unexpectedly made it out alive in the last flick, though they might not all be so lucky this time around. It was already revealed that the 2018 feature almost ended with Michael killing Laurie, so it’s highly possible that this next installment could be her last. Then again, if Jason Blum really does want to make ten more Halloween movies, he’d be smart to keep Curtis onboard.

While little is known about the plot so far, there’s not much doubt that the movie will start by revealing that Michael somehow made it out of the burning house Laurie left him in at the end of the last film. Where the story goes from there remains to be seen, though fans surely wouldn’t mind seeing Allyson’s jerk boyfriend wind up on the receiving end of a slashing from Haddonfield’s iconic murderer, right?

Source: Collider

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