Halloween 2018 Fan Spots New Michael Myers Easter Egg Hidden In Credits


With Halloween Kills no longer arriving in theaters this October, a lot of horror fans may find themselves watching the last movie in the franchise instead this spooky season. Blumhouse 2018’s Halloween rebootquel wiped out all the previous films in the saga apart from the first one, with its opening credits taking us all the way back to 1978 by recreating the original’s iconic jack-o-lantern credits sequence.

And it’s here that there’s a sly Michael Myers easter egg that you might have missed. Redditer u/bingy253 rewatched the film and noticed that, when the camera frames the pumpkin in a certain way, its face resembles The Shape’s silhouette. Specifically, the jack-o-lantern’s right eye looks like Michael’s head in profile and its nose is the same shape as his ever-handy butcher’s knife.

See for yourself in the screenshot below:

As other fans mention in the comments, this easter egg isn’t actually something concocted by director David Gordon Green but is lifted wholesale from the original movie, with John Carpenter originating the easter egg back in ’78. Hardcore Halloween experts may be familiar with this sly nod to the movie’s villain, then, but it’s abstract enough that many folks could have watched the first film and the reboot a bunch of times without ever picking up on it before.

The 2018 movie left Myers trapped in Laurie Strode’s burning house, but the sneak peek at Kills that was released along with the news of its delay reveals that the killer escapes, as he’ll be rescued by foolish firefighters. He’ll then go on to terrorize the town of Haddonfield once again, while Laurie recuperates in hospital. Expect the sequel to explore the “mob rule” mentality and what happens to a community when it’s threatened.

Halloween Kills is now set to arrive on October 15th, 2021. Halloween Ends then concludes the Laurie/Michael saga on October 14th, 2022.