Halloween Coming To IMAX For One Week Only


If you’d like to make your next October evening with Michael Myers into a more immersive experience, you might be glad to hear that IMAX is releasing the new Halloween in theaters for one week only. Starting Friday, you’ll have the opportunity to witness Laurie Strode’s latest and potentially final clash with her old assailant in the finest of detail.

After the massive opening weekend that David Gordon’s Green’s slasher sequel just had, there’s a pretty good chance that you’ve seen this movie already. But given the strong reception that the film has received from audiences and critics alike, there are surely a lot of fans out there who wouldn’t mind paying for a re-watch, especially if it means John Carpenter’s score blasting on a high quality sound system.

Carpenter’s 1978 original also got the luxury treatment recently, with the first Halloween making a return to cinemas last month to tie in with the movie’s new 4K Ultra HD home release. The Blumhouse-produced sequel serves as a direct follow-up to this initial series-starter that scraps every other entry from the franchise timeline. And while plenty of fans were saddened to see such developments as the sibling twist get erased from the saga, it must be said that the response received by this latest release has been significantly more positive than any of those prior instalments.

Even Carpenter seems to only have good things to say about Green’s flick, and that guy didn’t even want his movie to have sequels. So if you still haven’t seen Halloween, you might want to find out what all the fuss is about, and this limited IMAX run sounds like a pretty good way to go about it.

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