The Halloween Easter Egg In The First Purge Creates A Huge Plot Hole


Almost ever since it came into existence, Blumhouse Productions has undoubtedly emerged as a modern-day house of horrors.

The film banner, which is responsible for such lucrative hits as Paranormal ActivitySplit and Jordan Peele’s Get Out, just released their latest effort, The First Purge, which is a prequel that journeys back to the moment when the New Founding Fathers of America began rolling out their twisted, amoral scheme to bring the crime rate down below 1 percent. And thus the annual Purge was born.

But as this is a Blumhouse joint, it appears the Powers That Be have also included a cute nod to David Gordon Green’s forthcoming Halloween sequel, as a poster for the film can be spotted in the room belonging to Isaiah (Joivan Wade), Nya’s brother, and “can be seen at least three times in the first 30-or-so minutes of the film.”

While that’s all well and good, it’s also created a pretty big plot hole. As Screen Rant points out, The Purge told us that the story was set in 2022, while also revealing that the first ever Purge took place in 2014. So, that begs the question: how can there be a poster for a movie that’s not even set to release for 4 more years? Frankly, there’s no way to explain it and all we can really do is chalk it up as an oversight.

It’s pretty surprising, too, that no one noticed this and what makes it even more bewildering is they easily could’ve used a poster for an older Halloween film, rather than 2018’s sequel. Then again, maybe the production team did realize what they were doing and simply didn’t care, hoping to get a bit of cross-promotion going with Blumhouse’s next major release?

Either way, it’s interesting to ponder and will surely attract the attention of many when they sit down to watch The First Purge, which is now playing nationwide.

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