‘Halloween Ends’ star says pandemic halt gave performance shot in arm

Jamie Lee Curtis farewells Halloween
Image via Universal Pictures

On Friday, Halloween Ends is finally coming out and bringing a firm conclusion to one continuity for a long-running franchise. Things got delayed due to the pandemic, but, now, as the premiere nears, one star says this made things on set better all-around.

Performer Andi Matichak makes the comments in a new article published by Collider. The Allyson Strode performer says COVID-19 gave them a lot of time to tinker with the script, and, a key to figuring out where her character is in the coming movie was journaling she did during down time in-character. This helped her think and she would often revisit the entries when shooting.

“But one of the things that I did that was very helpful is I got a journal and I just started journaling as Allyson. Like every couple days, I would put in entries. And so, I started to kind of figure out the flow of what her journal entries were for each year. That was very helpful to understand her, and there was a lot of day-to-day things and mundane things that kind of come up and then depending on the scene, I would go back and read those journal entries on set.”

Elsewhere in the piece, Matichak adds she and the writer of the novelization of the film had simultaneously and independently made up similar things for her character in the book and journals. Matichak also says she gave up a major soccer career for performing and has nothing but high praise for co-star Jamie Lee Curtis, who she says is incredibly nice and accessible to all.

“You have the ability as number one to really dictate how the day’s gonna go and your energy says a lot about you and about the space that’s gonna be created to create in. And Jamie, I’ve never experienced somebody that generous and open. She just would give so much. Her first day on set everyone wears name tags and by the end of production, she knows everybody’s name because she’s like, ‘if you know my name, I should know yours.’ And so, there’s a camaraderie and a team mentality to her, which I never really felt on sets before. And coming from a team sport, that’s like the dream is feeling like you kind of have this family that you’re able to create with.”

The embargo on reviews for Halloween Ends lifts later today. Some fans are worried this is a bad omen for the conclusion. The movie is on track to make money, will likely be the last one for Jamie Lee Curtis as Laurie Strode and turned David Gordon Green into a resurrector of another franchise. After this film wraps, he will go onto The Exorcist series and he has said in recent interviews he is honored to step into something so historic and, the first of three films he will be doing here opens next year.