Halloween Fan Theory Says Michael Myers Is A Silver Shamrock Cyborg


The continuity of the Halloween franchise is an absolute mess, and that’s just fine. The horror series has long exhibited a freewheeling quality, going off on strange tangents before wiping the timeline clean to give another set of filmmakers a chance to try their own ideas. And perhaps the most unique chapter in this rocky journey is Halloween III: Season of the Witch.

As the only entry in this franchise to not include Michael Myers, the 1982 movie exists in its own isolated bubble of continuity, but according to a new fan theory that’s making the rounds, this divisive entry could hold the key to the masked killer’s true identity – that being, a cyborg.

Yes, it sounds silly and maybe it is, but there’s a lot of circumstantial evidence to back up this idea, and much of it has to do with another unusual development in the franchise’s history. In Halloween: The Curse Of Michael Myers, a character named Mrs. Blankenship is shown to have cursed Michael when he was a child on behalf of the weird cult she belongs to. What’s more, a woman of the same last name is mentioned in Halloween III, suggesting that films one through six may actually exist in the same timeline.

If so, then this means that the Silver Shamrock Company’s killer androids from the third movie share the same reality as Michael. From here, it’s suggested that since the murderer really did appear quite dead, or at least permanently mutilated, at the end of Halloween II, the evil cult may have teamed up with the evil company to build their own cyborg Michael bot. This would explain why the character seems so utterly unstoppable. He’s literally a killing machine.

It’s a pretty wacky idea based on a questionable line of reasoning that ceases to be relevant after the soft reboot of the seventh movie. Still, if you feel bad for how alone and isolated Halloween III looks in this otherwise Myers-filled franchise, then perhaps this theory is worth considering.