Halloween Kills Producer Pushing For It To Be Released On Time


There are still a huge number of question marks surrounding the possibility of opening theaters around the world as the restrictions put in place due to the Coronavirus pandemic are slowly being lifted, and the movie business will be hoping things get back up and running sooner rather than later given that the industry is bracing itself for up to $20 billion in lost revenue.

Even now, there are still numerous projects being shifted from their original release dates on an almost daily basis, and while many productions are gearing up for a return, the sense of uncertainty clouding the immediate future of the theatrical experience hasn’t gone away. We’ve already seen movies delayed by weeks, months or even a full year as a result, but the producer of upcoming horror sequel Halloween Kills is standing firm in his belief that the twelfth installment in the long-running horror franchise will still be arriving in October.

Of course, given the very name of the series, if Blumhouse and Universal were to delay Halloween Kills, then they’d need to push it back an entire year otherwise the marketing campaign isn’t exactly going to make a lot of sense, and that would also have a huge knock-on effect towards follow-up Halloween Ends, which is currently set for October 2021.

However, in a recent interview, producer Jason Blum reiterated that he’s still aiming to have Michael Myers’ latest big screen outing arrive just in time for the spookiest holiday of the year.

“I don’t know how it’s coming out, but I’m hoping and still pushing for it to come out still in October.”

On the plus side, at least Halloween Kills has the benefit of being four months away from the scheduled release date, which gives Hollywood plenty of time to figure out how it will adapt to a post-Coronavirus world before any major decisions need to be made.