Halloween Kills Will Reportedly Kill Off [SPOILERS]


UPDATE: This article has been updated to remove all plot-related spoilers, at the request of Universal.

Highly-anticipated horror sequel Halloween Kills is still scheduled for release in October despite the continued uncertainty caused by the Cornavirus pandemic, which is pretty understandable really, because the studio are practically obligated to release it right around the spookiest time of year.

It isn’t often that people get genuinely excited for the twelfth installment in any franchise let alone in the horror genre, but David Gordon Green and Danny McBride’s direct sequel to John Carpenter’s classic original turned out to be the best Halloween movie in 40 years, and earned over three times as much at the box office as any of Michael Myers’ previous outings.

The fact that the three highest-grossing installments in the franchise are all called Halloween hardly speaks to a lack of originality, but everyone involved with Kills is making it clear that the follow-up isn’t going to be just another by-the-numbers slasher. While there’s been a strange amount of drug-related analogies, producer Jason Blum remains adamant that it’ll be a bigger, badder and altogether better beast than the last one.

Halloween Kills is set to bring back several characters from the franchise’s long history, too, with many of them being played by the same actors, and given that we’re talking about a slasher flick, there’s absolutely no chance everyone’s going to make it out alive. However, sources close to WGTC recently attended an early test screening of the movie and have told us that a surprising member of the cast is reportedly set to bite the bullet in Halloween Kills.

As noted above, the rest of this article has been removed at the request of Universal, who’ve asked that all plot-related spoilers be taken out. Apologies for any inconvenience this may cause.