Jason Blum Says Halloween Kills Is A Very Big Movie With A Large Canvas


This Halloween, Michael Myers is returning to wreak havoc in Haddonfield, Illinois for the umpteenth time. Blumhouse successfully relaunched the slasher franchise back in October 2018, with their take on the Halloween universe being stretched out into a trilogy over the next couple of years. With Halloween Ends arriving in 2021, this year we have Halloween Kills. And we can apparently expect a movie with a huge scale.

Speaking to Too Fab, producer Jason Blum had a few brief words to offer about the sequel, which will see Jamie Lee Curtis coming back once more as Michael’s eternal enemy Laurie Strode.

“Halloween Kills is a very BIG movie,” Blum told Too Fab. “The canvas of Halloween Kills is very large.”

This is an intriguing tease, as operating on a wide canvas isn’t necessarily something you’d expect to be said about a Halloween movie. 2018’s film did a good job playing with the formula of the series a little, though, so presumably Kills will go even further into that, which will apparently result in this bigger scale.

It’s definitely going deeper into the nostalgia, as a whole host of stars from the original 1978 movie will be back for this one. This includes Nancy Stephens as Dr. Loomis’ assistant Marion Chambers, Kyle Richards as Lindsey Wallace, one of the kids Laurie babysat the first night Michael attacked, and Charles Cyphers, the former sheriff of Haddonfield who hunted The Shape alongside Loomis. Anthony Michael Hall is also taking over the role of Tommy Doyle, previously portrayed by Brian Andrews and Paul Rudd.

The first look footage that arrived last year revealed that the sequel will return to Haddonfield Memorial Hospital, where Laurie will be treated for her wounds from the last movie. This neatly mirrors the set-up of the first Halloween II from 1980, which never happened in this current continuity, remember. Alongside Curtis, Judy Greer and Andi Matichak will again play lead roles as Laurie’s daughter Karen and granddaughter Allyson.

Halloween Kills slashes into theaters on October 16th.

Source: Too Fab