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Halloween Kills Star Jamie Lee Curtis Celebrates “Breathtaking” Movie’s Premiere and Praises Director David Gordon Green

Jamie Lee Curtis is celebrating the premiere of Halloween Kills at the Venice Film Festival.

Halloween 2018 Jamie Lee Curtis

Halloween Kills made its big premiere at the Venice Film Festival this week and fans are anxious to hear what film critics have to say about the movie. The long-awaited movie release has been pushed back due to the covid-19 pandemic, so fans feel like they’ve been waiting for the film forever. Halloween, released in 2018, ended with Michael Meyers meeting a certain fiery death, but fans of the franchise know nothing. is ever that simple when it comes to the masked killer.

Halloween Kills hits theaters on October 15th, but critics who saw the premiere in Venice aren’t all giving it high praises. While the reviews have been mixed, Jamie Lee Curtis is proud of the film and she’s proud of everything that went into creating it.

On Instagram, Curtis shares that the only reason she was at the Venice Film Festival at all was because of David Gordon Green. She calls him her partner in crime in an adorably “Halloween” way.

“The weirdest partner in crime and misdemeanors and felonies that I could ever want.”

She goes on to share gratitude and thanks to the cast, crew, and everyone responsible for putting Halloween Kills together.

“A thrilling moment in time Venice Film Festival for me and my director, David Gordon Green as we premiered his breathtaking, pun WAY intended, new film HALLOWEEN KILLS. Proud of our producing partners, Blumhouse, Universal Pictures, Miramax, our talented and creative crew, and the powerful and exquisite performances led by Judy Greer and Andi Matichak.”

Curtis was also honored with a Golden Lion lifetime achievement award during the Venice Film Festival and she thanked everyone for the great honor, accepting the award with a clear and sober mind of her own and an open and grateful heart.

A beautiful sentiment for the actress who has been attached to this role for so long, and given so much of herself to the performance.

Halloween Kills premieres on October 15th.

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