Halloween Star Jamie Lee Curtis Named Greatest Scream Queen At MTV Awards


On Sunday night, The MTV Movie & TV Awards were finally held, taking on the theme of Greatest of All Timewith honors being given out for the most iconic performances, films and moments ever. One of these was for the Greatest Scream Queen to appear in a horror flick and it’s fair to say the right person won, as Halloween Kills star Jamie Lee Curtis got the gong.

As presented to her by fellow scream queen (emphasis on the ‘scream’) Neve Campbell, Curtis recorded a short video to accept the award, which saw her standing alongside Michael Myers.

“For me, the greatest partnership and the only reason I’m standing here today, is my partnership with Michael, so I’d like to bring him out. Don’t be scared, they love you,” Curtis said, before beckoning The Shape to step out from behind a tree. “Everybody – Michael Myers, my friend and often foe. Don’t worry, we both had COVID tests and he’s wearing a mask – the greatest mask ever.”

She then wrapped up the segment by teasing what’s next for herself and the legendary killer. “We hope you enjoy the next two movies, Halloween Kills and Halloween Ends,” the actress said. “Thank you guys, love you! He’s so quiet!”

Of course, Curtis was the only real choice to win this award as she’s often considered to be the original scream queen, having helped launch the slasher genre back in 1978 with the first Halloween. And she’s still embodying the character of Laurie Strode today, thanks to Blumhouse’s reinvention of the franchise.

2018’s effort brought the character back from the dead by erasing every entry in the series apart from the first one and we’ll next see her in Halloween Killswhich was unfortunately delayed until October 2021 due to the pandemic. A year after that, Halloween Ends will then come our way, promising to bring the Laurie/Michael saga to a conclusion. Er, again.

That’ll make seven times across 45 years that Curtis will have played the character, which is a pretty monumental achievement. No wonder she won this award.