Halloween Kills Star Teases An Action-Packed Horror Sequel


After ten movies that became characterized by the law of diminishing returns, the unlikely duo of David Gordon Green and Danny McBride brought the Halloween franchise roaring back to life with their 2018 sequel/reboot hybrid, which would go on to become the most critically-acclaimed installment since the original 40 years previously, as well as becoming Michael Myers’ highest-grossing outing by a huge margin.

That instantly raised the expectations for swiftly-announced sequels Halloween Kills and Halloween Ends, and while most horror franchises are content to churn out more movies as quickly as possible to cash in on a popular brand without even taking quality into consideration, everyone involved with the twelfth and thirteen entries in the long-running series appear to be laser-focused on making the best movie possible.

Halloween Kills has already been referred to as being the last movie but on either steroids or speed depending on your vice of choice, while writer Scott Teems has admitted that it will be an altogether bigger, badder and meaner return to the screen for one of the cinema’s most iconic serial killers.

In a recent interview, star Judy Greer echoed those sentiments when she revealed that she’s set to play a much bigger role this time around, while also promising that the latest sequel is set to deliver when it comes to both action and thrills as well.

“I was always out of breath. In that first movie, we were saying hi to our old audience and then introducing ourselves to our new audience, like the generation that maybe didn’t know the original. And in this movie, we’re jumping in, if you catch my drift. I’ve learned just how f**king fun it is to make them. The minute you scream ‘Cut!’ in a horror movie, everyone’s like, ‘Oh my god, that was so cool’. We’re all just trying to make it as scary and suspenseful as we can. It’s just really fun. I’m excited about doing more.”

Even though Halloween Kills is set to be followed by the trilogy-closing chapter next year, producer Jason Blum insists that isn’t one half of a two-part story, and will stand on its own merits. Based on everything we’ve heard so far, as well as the genuine enthusiasm emanating from the cast and crew, it looks like horror fans could be in for a real treat when the movie hits theaters in October.