Halloween Producer Says He’d Love To Rework Season Of The Witch

halloween season of the witch

Jason Blum is no stranger to franchise fare, having steered the Paranormal Activity, Happy Death Day, Insidious, Ouija, Sinister and The Purge properties to massive box office success, while he also resurrected M. Night Shyamalan’s long-dormant plans for an Unbreakable universe by backing Split and Glass.

This week brings the release of Halloween Kills, the middle chapter in Blumhouse and David Gordon Green’s trilogy, but questions are already being asked about what comes next. One title that keeps coming up is 1982’s Season of the Witch, the third installment in the franchise that’s notable for being the only one not to feature Michael Myers.

Blum has addressed a potential reboot, remake or sequel for the cult classic before, and in a new interview with SCARE Magazine, he revealed that he’s already got a few ideas in mind should it end up happening.

“I’d love to work on that. I have ideas for that, things we’d like to do, ideas where we’d take it. I’d love to do something with Season of the Witch, for sure.”

Season of the Witch is a strange film, one that imagines the first two Halloween movies as fictional in-universe films, before bringing witchcraft and even some sci-fi trappings into the mix. Critics hated it at the time, but it’s long since found an appreciative new audience, who’d go wild if it were to be updated for the modern age.