Halloween Reboot Star Wants To Team Up With Jamie Lee Curtis

Who plays Laurie Strode in Halloween? Everyone knows that, right? It’s Jamie Lee Curtis, obviously. Except, that is, for Rob Zombie’s controversial but cult favorite reboot movies, in which the iconic character is played by Scout Taylor-Compton. In 2007, the Devil’s Rejects director reimagined John Carpenter’s original in his unique, unflinching way, offering up a very different interpretation of Michael Myers’ nemesis, especially in its 2009 follow-up.

With Zombie’s series being rested after just the two films and Curtis eventually returning to the role she originated in 2018, however, that was the end of the reboot cast in the franchise. But Danielle Harris has made it known that she would love to return to the world of Halloween somewhere. Now it turns out Taylor-Compton feels the same way. As she told ComicBook.com, she and Harris have spoken about how they’re both waiting on a call from Blumhouse.

“Would I have loved to have been in them? Yeah, of course. It would’ve been really cool to even do a cameo. Danielle Harris and myself, we always say this. We’re like, ‘Well, they want everybody to be a part of it.’ I was like, ‘Danielle, you’ve been a part of so many, they want anybody that’s been a part of them.’ I was like, ‘That’s crazy.’ But it’s really cool to see them continue the journey and to see Michael on the screen again. So there’s a love there, for sure.”

While it’s hard to imagine Taylor-Compton reprising her version of Laurie anytime soon — we’re not sure the world is ready for an Into the Halloweenverse event just yet — she could always find a new role in the franchise. That’s what Zombie cleverly did for Harris in his films. After playing Laurie’s daughter Jamie in the original continuity, Harris was recast as Annie Brackett in the reboot.

So fans would appreciate it if Blumhouse could pull the same trick with both actresses in Halloween Ends, next year’s finale to this current trilogy. If not, the studio is hoping to do more afterwards — as if Ends was really going to be the end — so there might be room for Zombie’s stars in whatever form the Halloween franchise takes next. Hey, maybe we are ready for an Into the Halloweenverse movie after all.

Halloween Kills is in theaters and on Peacock now.