Spooky Fan-Made Trailer For Halloween Prepares You For The Real Deal


Though the official trailer isn’t expected online for “another month or two,” prominent YouTuber StryderHD has conjured up a fan-made preview of Halloween, the 2018 sequel coming to us by way of Blumhouse and David Gordon Green.

First spotted by the folks over at Bloody Disgusting, this is a decidedly spooky preview of what is arguably one of the year’s most-anticipated releases, and up above you’ll see a preview – albeit an unofficial one – of Laurie Strode’s final confrontation with Michael Myers, the masked maniac who’s about to be unleashed upon Haddonfield after a full 40 years spent behind bars.

But as is often the case, a freak accident leaves the door open for Michael to escape, and hunt down the Strodes once and for all. And yes, that’s ‘Strodes’ plural, as Jamie Lee Curtis’ series stalwart will be sharing the screen (and sharing the screams!) with Karen and Allyson Strode, the newcomers played by Judy Greer and Andi Matichak, respectively.

In related news, Halloween has been making waves ever since its appearance at CinemaCon late last month, where representatives from Blumhouse were in attendance to parade the David Gordon Green-directed sequel in front of curious fans.

Jamie Lee Curtis was among the guests, and it was here where the film legend took the opportunity to warn budding horror fans that they would be wise to pack their adult diapers come October. And yes, the end product will purportedly ditch the admittedly contrived plot point that labelled Michael and Laurie as brother and sister, which shouldn’t be all that surprising when you remember that Blumhouse’s follow-up plans to retcon everything after John Carpenter’s seminal original.

Halloween slithers into theaters in time for October 19th.

Source: YouTube