First Halloween Trailer Will Be Online In “A Month Or Two,” According To David Gordon Green


Despite a rapturous reception from CinemaCon attendees, neither Blumhouse nor David Gordon Green plan to release the first Halloween teaser trailer for another month or two.

That’s according to series veteran Nick Castle (h/t Bloody Disgusting), who took to Twitter earlier this morning in order to clarify the tentative release window that David Gordon Green currently has in mind. In short: don’t expect any Halloween footage to surface until the beginning of June, by which point the Powers That Be over at Blumhouse will be ready to instigate the four-month countdown. And how exciting is that?

Here’s confirmation of Castle’s status report:

Your most asked question from the Twittersphere was, ‘When do we see a trailer?’ Was in touch with David Gordon Green today. He says, ‘I don’t think it will be for a month or two.’ That’s from horse’s mouth. Stay tuned.

Ever since CinemaCon heralded a first-look teaser for Halloween, and Jamie Lee Curtis asked horror fans to pack their adult diapers in time for October, excitement for David Gordon Green’s continuation has been through the roof – particularly after we learned that it’ll ditch the admittedly contrived plot point that labelled Laurie and Michael as sister and brother.

Meanwhile, if you’re itching for an in-depth preview of what’s in store, Rooster Teeth has you covered, as their spoiler-free trailer breakdown begins as so:

Jamie Lee Curtis’ Laurie Strode is no damsel in distress here. In fact I don’t think there was one shot of her being afraid. Quite the opposite. She’s not only prepared for this moment (having rigged her house with various safe rooms, weapons and hidden compartments), she’s been hoping for it. At one point she even says that she prays he gets out someday so she can kill him. From the footage I can say that when he does get out (looks like a bus crash lets loose a lot of the inmates) Laurie is hunting him just as much as he’s hunting his victims.

Jamie Lee Curtis and Michael Myers Halloween 2018

Halloween haunts Haddonfield (and our dreams!) on October 19th, meaning David Gordon Green’s sequel will be arriving just in time to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the Carpenter classic. Cue the shrill theme music…