Halloween Slashes Past $200 Million Worldwide


It’s been a happy Halloween at Blumhouse Productions. When this week began, David Gordon Green’s new horror flick was already the highest-grossing slasher movie of all time, and as we move beyond the film’s titular holiday, the feature has moved beyond the $200 million mark.

A report from Deadline places the worldwide total gross as of Thursday at $204.3 million. That figure breaks down as $139.4 million from North America and $64.9 million from the international box office. With these impressive numbers, Halloween now ranks as the third highest-grossing horror movie of 2018, behind only The Nun ($363.6 million) and A Quiet Place ($338.6 million).

Needless to say, things have been going very well for this timeline-altering series reboot, and they’ve been this way ever since the film first hit theaters, with star Jamie Lee Curtis recently taking to Twitter to break down the sequel’s opening weekend success as follows:

“OK. I’m going for one BOAST post.  Biggest horror movie opening with a female lead.

Biggest movie opening with a female lead over 55.

Second biggest October movie opening ever.

Biggest Halloween opening ever”

Green’s new movie served as the eleventh installment in this longer-running slasher franchise, and with box office figures like these, it’s clear that we haven’t seen the last of Michael Myers. Co-writer Danny McBride mentioned last week that discussions have already begun on the sequel, though it’s unclear who from the latest cast and crew will be returning for the follow-up.

Curtis, for instance, said that she’d do another movie if Green directed, and while a report from last month suggested that the filmmaker isn’t involved in the sequel, Green himself has teased that his flick plants seeds for future stories, suggesting that he may not want to bail from the property quite yet.

Either way, given the response that this new Halloween is getting from filmgoers, it’s clear that plenty of fans will be keen for another round with Michael no matter who else is involved.

Source: Deadline