New Halloween Trailer Welcomes Michael Home


There’s a spooky reunion about to occur on the streets of Haddonfield, and everyone’s invited! Even Michael Myers…

Yes, Blumhouse, director David Gordon Green and writer Danny McBride have put together a Halloween sequel that’s quite a far cry from what’s come before. Whereas The Return of Michael Myers and Season of the Witch dabbled in supernatural hijinks and Michael’s next steps, this new sequel kicks off 40 years after the first entry into the series, by which point Myers is locked behind bars and Laurie Strode has moved on to become a grandmother.

This alternate timeline also means that the whole sibling subplot has been ditched, though judging by those early reviews, the film’s just as horrifying as we expected, all the while maintaining that old-school spirit that made the original John Carpenter movie so special.

In fact, it’s Carpenter who’s the focus of today’s new trailer for Halloween, as he introduces the preview along with Jamie Lee Curtis. And though it’s mostly made up of footage we’ve already seen, there are still a few fresh shots in there that haven’t appeared yet in any of the other promos.

From what we understand, the upcoming sequel will be a direct continuation of Carpenter’s original classic and skates around the continuity established in previous films – no Laurie Strode death from Resurrection, for instance – which gives the team a blank slate to work with.

Not only that, but it’ll also tweak Halloween‘s ending ever so slightly so that Michael ended up in police custody on that fateful night in 1978. He escapes before long, though, and returns to Haddonfield, setting up a terrifying final battle between Strode and Myers which is sure to please longtime fans.

And it all goes down on October 19th, when Halloween creeps into both theaters and your nightmares.

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