The Hangover Part III Debuts New Promo Art

Get ready to howl. The misadventures of sousing trio Phil, Alan and Stu – or the “wolfpack” if you will – is set to continue in May 2013 as The Hangover Part III ramps up production. Though we’re not far enough into filming to get any actual footage or images, Warner Bros. has released some promotional art work for the threequel.

Director Todd Phillip’s first two films in the series found immense financial success and command a hugely loyal following of young adults. Though when looking at the significant narrative slip-up that was The Hangover Part II, we’ll have to see if they can rebound and make us howl in laughter, rather than agony, with the third film.

Expectations were high for “Part II” after the original defied the traditional box office trajectory to become one of the biggest sleeper hits of the decade and even garnered instances of immense praise. Needless to say, its successor was an unfunny, essential remake of the first and while it opened big, it did not experience the same legs or broad praise as its predecessor.

This newly released teaser poster is rather straightforward but gets the point across: the gang will soon be back; get ready for more booze-fuelled shenanigans. Details are scarce as to exactly where the friends will find themselves (though shooting has been taking place in Mexico, Las Vegas and Los Angeles) or what snafu in which they will wind up.

Bradley Cooper, Zach Galifianakis Ed Helms and Ken Jeong will all return for The Hangover Part III along with supporting characters Mike Epps (“Black Doug” from the original) and fan favourite Mike Tyson.

Check out the promo art below.