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Hannibal Creator’s Script For Stephen King’s Christine Is Complete

Jason Blumhouse is working with Bryan Fuller on a film adaptation of Stephen King’s Christine.

When it comes to the horror genre, a name synonymous with all things spine-tingling and terrifying is Stephen King. From stories like It and Carrie to The Stand and Billy Summers, King captures horror in a way that stays with you long after you’ve walked away from his piece of work.

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There have been many film adaptations of King’s work, and they have staying power, too. We all shrieked when we saw Carrie for the first — or tenth time. We all hide behind our hands as we watch It, and we experience those eerie feelings when we pass cemeteries or fields of corn. That is the staying power of King and those who work together to bring his books to life on screen.

Another King favorite is coming to the big screen again as Blumhouse works with Bryan Fuller on Christine.

The premise for Christine is as follows:

A love triangle involving 17-year-old misfit Arnie Cunningham, his new girlfriend and a haunted 1958 Plymouth Fury. Dubbed Christine by her previous owner, Arnie’s first car is jealous, possessive, and deadly.

Speaking to Collider, Jason Blum recently said he’s been working with Fuller, and a significant step towards a film has been taken.

“We actually recently got a script, which was terrific. We’re going to try and make it into a movie. That’s my plan.”

Of course, fans are anticipating a hauntingly good time when Christine is made into a Blumhouse film, and if Blumhouse himself has anything to do with it — it’ll be happening sooner than later.